The Free-Ranging Pigs


I’m sure I’ve mentioned at some point in the past that I don’t like pigs.
Oh, sure, I love the ham and bacon. But not the pigs.
In fact, I usually refer to these two as Ham and Bacon.
Though I’m starting to consider naming them Bonnie and Clyde because they’re on the run ALL THE TIME.
They have a pen. There’s even electric on the pen, but they’re out. ALL THE TIME. I have to shut them out of the alleyway during milking time or they’d try to come in. I have to hurry across the barn yard or they try to chew on my boots. They chase the cows and the goats and the ducks and the chickens. NOBODY likes the pigs. Everybody runs away from the pigs. Apparently, the pigs think this is a game, and they love it.

And sometimes I even think they’re really funny

Until they chew on my boots again.


  1. Joell says:

    :happyflower: :happyflower:

    I did not know you even had pigs, we had them on my Grandparents farm when I was a child, I was always afraid of them and the noises they made upset me so I always stayed clear of the pigs pens.

  2. Lois says:

    I feel your ‘pain’! When my daughter and I bought our house, Wilbur came with the deal. Wilbur was a sweet guy who stayed in his pen and kept us entertained. This year, daughter decided to get another so I said how about 2? Bad idea. The next 2 days were spent chasing, with lots of cussing and trying to round up 2 escapees to no avail, who ended up coming back to their pen on their own! IF we get brave enough to do it again, it’ll only be ONE at a time!

  3. Glenda says:

    That’s okay to call them that; I call the beef calf we butcher T-Bone!

    Have you considered a smaller, hog wire pen plus the hot wire about nose height?

  4. beforethedawn says:

    Ham and Bacon sound like good pig names to me! I’m not one to keep them as pets, but I sure can’t wait until we move to a farm and eventually get one or two for food. 😀

    I seriously cannot believe how green it is there. All I see here is brown and yellow… from all the dead lawns. We’ve been searching online for farms in WV and have found some properties we are excited to check out soon! I’ve been wanting to move out there for years (husband is a more recent convert), and we are finally getting the opportunity.

  5. joykenn says:

    I thought free-range pigs were supposed to be good for the fields. They nose around and break up the soil making it easier to seed it and, of course, add “natural fertilizer”.
    I’m also told that pigs can be smart so getting out is their specialty. They think it is a nice game kind of like rubiks cube for pigs or tag can’t catch me.

  6. ClaudiaL says:

    Yeah, I’m not doing pigs, with all the stories I hear about them. Have you considered the last name for Ham/Bacon…Bonnie/Clyde to be Breakfast or Dinner?

  7. jodiezoeller says:

    Sounds like time for them to become your ham and bacon! I remember when you got them from the crazy lady down the street from Stringtown farm.

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