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My cousin got a new dog a while back. They named her Fancee. They took her to be fixed but– Turned out, Fancee was already pregnant. And now they have six puppies. They look like little old men crossed with sausage rolls.

Who wants one?

They’re free!


  1. Nancy in Iowa says:

    They’re beautiful but, thankfully, I’m too far away!!! And besides, Emma the ruling cat would not approve.

  2. Kylie - NZ says:

    How many are you going to end up adopting yourself Suzanne? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Kelleh says:

    Oh if I did not live in an apartment, I would gladly take a puppy! ๐Ÿ™

  4. Thunja says:

    I want one!! but I can’t. SO CUTE.

  5. Laura B. in Greenwood, IN says:

    They are adorable! If I lived closer than in Indiana, if I didn’t already have 2 dogs, if my husband were to agree, if our other dogs were to agree, if I didn’t have so many if’s I would be glad to take a couple off your hands!! As cute as the puppies are you should have no trouble giving them away.

  6. Sheila Z says:

    And you didn’t take one home? Come on take two, they’re small.

  7. Cheryl LeMay says:

    Little old men crossed with sausage rolls? You crack me up!

  8. Jan says:

    Reminds me of an add I once saw in the newspaper for puppies. “Mother is a labrador retriever. Father… from a good neighborhood!


  9. KentuckyFarmGirl says:

    LOL @ Jan!

    They are SO CUTE!!!

  10. Carmen Smith says:

    They are PRECIOUS! They look like farm dogs, LOL, I bet they would keep B. Petunia in line:D

  11. Diane says:

    Cute which one did you take home? I just adpoted a puppy a few weeks ago. He is lots of fun. I love the little paw in the 3rd photo. Cute.

  12. natalie says:

    They are sooo cute. I’ll bet you have no problems finding good homes. Here? Our cats would disown their humans.

    Enjoy spring ~Natalie

  13. Marty says:

    What kind of dogs are they? How big do you think they’ll get?

  14. I Wanna Farm says:

    Craigslist has a pets listing. You could try that. They recommend charging a small fee ($20 or so) to ensure that anyone who takes them are sincere about keeping them and treating them well, and probably have the money to take care of them well.

  15. Suzanne McMinn says:

    Re the kittens, you should keep them, of course! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Re what kind of dog, the mother is a mutt, but she looks like a yellow lab and she’s extremely sweet-tempered. My cousin’s wife, Sheryl, will be along here eventually and she can tell you more than I can as the puppies belong to them! They plan to keep two, I think, and need to find homes for the rest.

  16. Ulrike says:

    *closes blog before kids see*

  17. Cathy Bendzunas says:

    :woof: If I didn’t already have 4 dogs, I’d be making the 8 hour trip to pick me up one of those cuties!

  18. Lisa P in California says:

    I want one, but I can’t have one. ๐Ÿ™

    They are so cute!

  19. Vanessa says:

    The first picture surely does look like it has a lot of yellow lab and you are so right, they do look like little old men crossed with sausage rolls!
    I think Morgan must have whispered into each ear, just before the picture was taken, to look hang-dog and forlorn….to tug on heartstrings and find themselves new, good homes. You’d have to have a heart of stone if you said that they weren’t as cute as pie.
    I’m clear out here in Washington state…..three time zones away. But mark my words, you’ll have them all placed in no time!

  20. Ann says:

    OMGOSH they are gorgeous I want one ….
    trouble is Canada is just too far away and I think the crossing the border might be an issue.
    I dont think they will have trouble finding good homes though.
    BTW stopped by my local garden center they have decided to have a small petting zoo.
    I was shocked to see a copy of Clover.
    Mamma and her babies (sheep).
    A white peacock with 2 males got the Fan treatment truly stunning.
    Have a good one Ann

  21. MMT says:

    I would love to get one, but I live too far away. I will be looking for a puppy soon. We had to put our old dog down last fall (still mourning), but my son’s two dogs(we call them the grandpuppies)spend alot of time here. We are waiting to get a puppy til they move to California in June. Let us know which one you end up keeping Suzanne.

  22. Sandi says:

    SOOOOoooooooooo CUTE!!!!! Wish I could take one. :happypuppy:

  23. Charlotte Spears says:

    Thou TEMPTRESS….(sigh) I have a little son who would LOVE to have one of those cute bundles of fur…alas, we rent…yes, the Cozy Home Cottage is a rented home (we have lived here for 12.5 years, but we are not allowed doggies :no: I hope that they all find GOOD solid homes with lots of folks to love them. They sure are CUTE!

  24. Sandra in SC says:

    Oh, they’re so cute!

  25. Nancy says:

    OMG…I could/would take one in a heart beat!!! No if’s just one big except! Except I live in Connecticut!!! Anyone heading this way soon??? lol

  26. Cousin Sheryl says:

    The mother is a smaller-sized yellow lab mix. Mom had black and pink on her tongue. The mother is a very nice, affectionate dog. The father also looked like he had some labrador in him and also some elkhound because he had a ruff of fur around his neck. The dad was not ours (of course) and he was very nice and friendly. These puppies seem very laid back and relaxed. They are not afraid of people and are very amenable to handling. We will have 4 to give away – 3 boys and a girl. The little girl has the cutest face of the whole bunch. (She isn’t pictured above.) Let us know if you are serious about adopting one.

  27. Grandmatotwochicks says:

    They are adorable! I would take them all, BUT there is just one problem, my husband would leave me! I have brought home to many puppies, kittens, and chickens. I wish I could sneak just one more in our crazy house! with four dog’s after all, what is just one more?

  28. Denise says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE spay and neuter these pups BEFORE they are placed. We ALL need to do our part to NOT contribute to the RAMPANT pet overpopulation situation affecting the USA. Every 1.5 seconds an animal is euthanized in one of the nation’s shelters because there simply are NOT enough good homes for the homeless animals. Everytime you find a home for one of your animal’s offspring, it reduces the chance that an animal will instead be rescued from the animal shelter. It is BETTER to ask for a re-homing fee (to recoup the spay/neuter cost) than to say FREE DOGS. Look into your local shelter for low cost/free spay/neuter programs, or check THANKS FOR BEING PART OF THE SOLUTION, NOT THE PROBLEM.

  29. TheAL says:

    They are ADORABLE! I wish I could take one. So cute!

  30. Lavon says:

    Suzanne…I just adopted a Cairn terrier (or terror) about 3 weeks ago and love her. Decided at our age we couldn’t raise another puppy. These puppies makes me want to rethink that! Do hope they are “fixed” before they go to a good home. Darling babies.

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