Frisky Girl


I’ve been out of my mind busy this week with babies in the house, but want to report at least that Maia is frisky, healthy, and bouncing, eating very well and very active. For those who might be curious, I’m giving her a dose of oral colostrum gel every day (for three days) and she’s drinking a powdered colostrum supplement in her bottle right now but will soon switch to regular goat replacer milk. She’s doing great, following us around the house, and starting to jump and bounce. She is going to be so much fun. I haven’t put a diaper on her yet because she’s so tiny. I just follow her around the house and clean up!


  1. jodiezoeller says:

    Glad to hear that the goat baby, Maia, is doing well! She’s a pretty little kid.

  2. knititblack says:

    She’s so adorable! It’s wonderful to hear that she’s doing well. 🙂

  3. fowlers says:

    I just love to hear she is dong well,,,she is very cute:: I’m not a goat person<know nothing about them, how big will she get ?

  4. joykenn says:

    Since Maia already thinks that her Mama is a dog and now that she gets to live in the house and follow you around, she’s going to be one confused goat when she moves outside with the other goats. She is SO cute. Love those three white strips on her side.

  5. Auntie Linda says:

    Pretty baby!

  6. Rah says:

    So how do you pronounce “Maia?” My-ah? May-ah? May-ee-ah? Stop me, please.

  7. Lierin says:

    Skip the powdered replacer and put her right on cow milk! I’ve seen so many kids die from the powdered stuff, and most of the long term goat owners warn against it. I’ve raised several bottle babies on cow milk, and you have a perfect source of raw healthy milk right on hand. I buy mine from a dairy farmer down the road when I need to, and if you start her now she’ll do great.

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