Full Throttle


I have an extra level of craziness going on here as I’m already getting ready for the party on the 16th. (I’m expecting over 100 people! Are you coming? Sign up here.) Here is Morgan making fun of me as I try to (finally) start getting stuff up on the walls. She’s playing “lion” with my homemade corn husk wreath.

Also going on here today:

Load of lumber delivered for the deck work, which is an extension on the studio project I was able to do. I’m adding a handicap-access ramp and a roof over the top part of the deck. The sun beats in all those double glass doors and it will save me in a/c costs in the long run to cover that area so the studio is shaded. It will also make a more comfortable place for people to sit and/or eat outside and enjoy the view.

And I decided I was in the mood to paint the downstairs bathroom today, as if I didn’t have enough else going on! But, painting is best done when you’re in the mood. Otherwise, it’s just a chore. When you’re in the mood, it’s fun. So today, I’m painting.


  1. hoosiergal says:

    Suzanne, sure can’t tell you what to do. My dua has a roof over head on deck and they are enjoying a ceiling fan. Does move the air on a hot day. hoosiergal

  2. hoosiergal says:

    Suzanne, my dau has a roof over deck with a ceiling fan. Fan sure moves the air on a hot day. Just a thought. hoosiergal

  3. kupb4junk says:

    I’d follow that lion anywhere!
    May God bless your adventure.

  4. KellyWalkerStudios says:

    You…painting?! 😀 Save some for me and Linda.

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