Future Submariner


Ross, checking out life on the USS Clamagore, a World War II submarine kept as a museum at Patriots Point. Ross finished A school in March and is starting Power school soon. Power school runs another six months, then he’ll go to Prototype. By the end of next year, he’ll be living on a real working submarine and going out to sea!


  1. Mountain Blessings says:

    😀 HURRAY for Ross, what a brave guy! I am so clostrophobic I could never be on a sub.

    Give him a hug for me, I admire and am so appreciative for what he does for our country. GOD BLESS HIM!!!

  2. CindyP says:

    LOTS of training! Is he signed up for 4 years? 1/2 of that is training alone!

    Thank you, Ross! You are very much appreciated :hug:

  3. Tracey In Paradise Pa. says:

    :snoopy: GO ROSS!!GO!!
    What a proud mama you must be!!
    Granny Trace


  4. wildcat says:

    DH and I toured the sub when we visited Charleston a couple of years ago. I’m not claustrophobic, but MAN, those are some tight quarters! I don’t know how they do it, living down there for months on end, with such limited space! Ack!

  5. Ramona says:

    I know some people have to do it, but I’m not one of them…. Being under the water is not my thing.

  6. Angela P says:

    Thank You Ross for doing this great deed! You are one amazing guy! Go Ross!!!!!

  7. Stacy says:

    My husband is not a sub guy, but when they did a deployment around South America, they did drills with Peru, and he spent a week on one of their subs. He said that it was pretty much a Korean era sub and our navy’s subs are much better. So, I hope Ross enjoys it!

  8. Dianna says:

    That’s wonderful. Thank you to him!

    And – for you – you must have a full range of emotions- from pride to apprehension, but most of all, love, I’m sure!

  9. holstein woman says:

    Thank you Suzanne and Ross for both of your commitments. You did a great job with Ross and with the others also. It takes lots of time and effort to get those children to the place you have gotten them. Congratulations. :snoopy:

  10. Miss Becky says:

    this is awesome. great photo Suzanne, and best wishes to Ross for a long and distinguished career in our armed forces. and thank you for your service. :yes:

  11. Sue, a Florida Farm Girl says:

    Suzanne, you have such beautiful children. I love that picture of the three of them. Those moments will be golden for the rest of their lives. My siblings are all four and more (some many) years older than me, so we didn’t have the same comraderie. The time is approaching when they have gone their separate ways, and the times spent together like this will diminish. Enjoy them as they happen. My best to all of them. And to you and 52!!!!!

  12. whaledancer says:

    That sub must be like Back to the Future, Submarine Style for Ross.

  13. Nita in SC says:

    The Clagmore isn’t underwater. I can walk through it but do not like to linger!!

  14. Jim Noland says:

    Alright Ross! Course, the subs we have now are much bigger. But I still could not be on one. I don’t like to be confined in. I need breathing space, like outside.

    So, thank you Ross.

  15. Wendy says:

    Suzanne, my brother worked on nuclear subs. He said if they send Ross after “fallopian tubing”, they’re trying to send him on a wild goose chase. Tell him not to fall for it.

  16. cabynfevr says:

    I was on that sub! VERY tight quarters! I can’t believe I’m sharing this but I will…. my daughter and I are, well, rather well endowed on top (understatement! lol) and we couldn’t pass each other in the walkways without crushing our Tatas! We decided one of us would have to stand on their heads! Good reason NOT to have women in the subservice back then.

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