Gathering Spot


I hope Glory Bee doesn’t try to get up there next!


  1. Valerie says:

    Looks comfy up there. May be room for another chicken or two… :smilerabbit:

  2. texwisgirl says:

    That’s adorable! I want to sit there too!!!

  3. bonita says:

    black and white as the new spring colours.

  4. Blessings from a Wildflower says:

    Party this AM..ON The SPOOL!!! BE THERE! Everyone is Welcome!

  5. Bev in CA says:

    All is right in their world. The best of life, friendship!

  6. farmershae says:

    LMAO!! My husband asked if they were all on a big plate getting ready to be cooked!!! Love it!

  7. brookdale says:

    I didn’t realize the goats were that small…the baby one looks the same size as the chickens! Very cute picture, Suzanne.

  8. Orghlaith says:

    Baby Goats! Is there anything better than baby goats?

  9. Judy says:

    Love this…why can’t humans get along this good?

  10. Katie says:

    Loving this! Would be a great calendar picture!

  11. AnnieB says:

    Suzanne . . . are you standing there with . . . cookies????

  12. Maureen says:

    Oh my goodness. I know life with farm animals is not easy but they must give you so much laughter and joy!

  13. Dianna says:

    Cute photo. I agree with the previous comments: wish humans could get along that well. Love “Blessings” comment about “party time”!

  14. BeverlyC says:

    Looks like they’re planing “Barnyard Twister”…..maybe GB is calling the positions? LOVE the pic!

  15. Nona says:

    Everyone is so funny with their great quotes! I love them all! and so true baby goats are soooo cute!
    And yes can’t we all just get together and sit on the spool and talk? Great photo!

  16. Amy says:

    totally adorable!

  17. aprilejoi says:

    This photo represents probably the #1 reason I peak in on Chickens In The Road: Capturing animals doing what they do when no one is watching.

  18. Glenda says:

    Suzanne, you couldn’t have posed them that way if you tried!

    Be sure to save this one for next year’s calendar.

  19. Myrna Mackenzie says:

    Just like some college kids trying to see how many people they can fit into a VW bug. Come on, come on, everyone, squeeze together tighter! We can do this! We can make it into the Guinness Book of Records. Just one more chicken!

  20. Joy (from Illinois) says:

    Hey, did you guys take a look at the spring mud all around them. These guys are smart enough to find a dry spot about the cold muck AND persuade their friends to come cuddle to keep them warm. And they call them dumb animals! Sounds smart to me.

  21. Vivian says:

    😀 Such a cute pic and the perfect “gathering spot”. I love that your chickens are all free range, but do you have a problem with hawks or owls nabbing them? I am just raising baby hens for laying – my first ones – and they are not ready to be let out of the brooder/henhouse yet. I am going to build a completely enclosed “chicken run” because I am so fearful of hawk attacks. I do not have any other animals that might deter the hawks….just wondering if you ever lose any to predators…..Vivian

  22. marymac says:

    A family that plays together stays together! I loved that pic!!

  23. Linda says:

    Really a cute picture. A meeting at the round table. Thanks so much for sharing.

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