Getting My Apple Butter Act Together


For my foray into Black Walnut Festival sales, I’ve finally ventured out of paper labels I tape on jars (I know, I know!) to actual labels that, you know, stick on the jars. I never do like stickers on canning jars, since the jars are reusable and stickers can be so difficult to remove–but these aren’t. They do peel off fairly easily, which makes me feel better about using them!

There have been lots of questions about the recipe–it is based on my rum-raisin apple butter recipe, with a few changes. I’ll post about it tomorrow, I promise. Today, I’m simmering the last batch of apple butter to can and beginning to process the pears in my magical Squeezo. I’ll be making Pecan Pear Butter, also to sell at the festival. (Will post that recipe also–after I finish making it up!) Will you be at the festival? Come see my butters! I’ll be with my cousin, who will be selling his fresh-ground (right at the festival!) cornmeal.


  1. BuckeyeGirl says:

    Do you keep any of your photos on hand? Having a few of those on display may lead to some good sales too!

  2. ibpallets (Sharon B.) says:

    I wish I had bought some of that at the farm party, but you can bet I’ll stock up next year!

  3. twiggityNDgoats says:

    We’ll stop by I’m sure. Where is he going to be?

  4. kelsimom1998 says:

    I will try and come by and see you. What type of apples do you use for your apple butter?

  5. rhubarbrose says:

    The Black Walnut Festival sounds so interesting!! As does your Whiskey-Raison Apple Butter!!! We have a wonderful Fall Festival here in our area as well (it was held last Saturday) “Wellesley Apple Butter and Cheese Festival”. Fall Festivals are my favourite and I wish I lived closer to attend yours – sigh! I’ll bet your apple butter would be a hot seller at our festival.

  6. Jersey Lady says:

    Good Luck at the festival. What kind of a grinder thingy does Cousin have? That sounds interesting.

  7. mds9 says:

    Imagine selling apple butter out of the back of your very own,
    Horse Cart.
    My grandfathers farm had acres of black walnut trees. He used old rabbit cages to store the nuts to keep the squirrels away from them.

  8. yvonnem says:

    Is the festival this weekend?

  9. Dana says:

    Suzanne, I will be there on Friday afternoon!! I am hoping we can come down a little early and maybe take a drive down through Walton and Harmony. My boyfriends band will be playing at the courthouse from 4pm till 7pm. Hope to see you and get some Apple Butter (my sons favorite!!!) I am soooo excited!!!!

  10. Dana says:

    Well….Maybe we can come back down on Saturday…The parade is always great, the music and crafts…and I sure would love to get some of your apple butter. I know you will have a great day~~~

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