Goat House Lock-Up


Eclipse, jailed.

In the big house. The poky. The slammer. Sent up the river.

An hour later:

The fun never stops around here….

….for Eclipse.


  1. wvhomecanner says:

    he should be “Houdini” instead of Eclipse LOL!

  2. bubbashome says:

    I have one of those – he’s a pygmy cross and loves to escape – especially when I haven’t paid enough attention to him!

  3. rurification says:

    I once locked my escapist sheep up in the barn. Then I watched one of the little rams jump out a window 5 feet off the ground. There was nothing for him to stand on inside the barn.

    When they wanna get out, they get out. Rotten critters.

  4. Sheila Z says:

    Time for ball and chain?

    Can you put a collar on him and stake him out?

  5. collector1 says:

    I suggest a collar and a chain to stake him out — that is what we did when we didn’t want the billy in with the does. The collar from our last billy goat is still at the home farm and more than 25 years later still has that pungent aroma — :dancingmonster:

  6. CindyP says:

    He just wants to be with his lady friends……

  7. Pat says:

    I think wvhomecanner got it right – Houdini! You have the most clever bunch of critters I’ve ever seen. Thanks for sharing the fun. Have a great Memorial Day.

    Pat in Eastern NC

  8. Mountain Blessings says:

    😆 Oh this is just too funny! Frustrating for you Suzanne, but you can see the expression on his face in the second pic, like you really think I am gonna stay in here? Thanks for the chuckle!

  9. kj says:

    Down the road from me there is a farm with a sign near the road that says ‘goats for rent’. I think would love to try it but after reading your blogs, who knows where he would end up when I wasn’t looking.

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