Goat Shootin’ Day


Yesterday was goat shootin’ day. NOT WITH GUNS! (Sheesh. What were you thinking?) My cousin’s wife, Sheryl, is a nurse, so I twisted her arm and got her over here to professionally and nurse-ily inject the goats with wormer. Which I’m sure they appreciated since they were spared my clumsy ministrations. Worms seem to be worse this year than ever, and I’m taking a more aggressive approach than I have in the past. (If you have goats and are interested, I’m following this approach.)

Meanwhile, I was asked to speak as part of a panel discussing crowdfunding (i.e. Kickstarter, etc) at the Kanawha County Public Library (Main Library on Capitol Street in Charleston) today at 2 p.m. in the Ray Room on the third floor. Luckily, I remembered that I agreed to do this before, like, it was over. Also luckily, I found a pair of pants. All my jeans had holes in them so I cut them all off into shorts. This constantly leads people to say, “Suzanne, why aren’t you wearing pants?” Especially when I’m doing stuff like loading hay. Or it’s cold. BECAUSE I HAVE NO PANTS. I hate shopping. Eventually, it will get cold enough and I will break down and go to the store. Anyway, then I remembered I had to speak at the library and I had a feeling it wouldn’t look good if I showed up in ratty shorts. I dived into my closet and my drawers, digging, and I FOUND A PAIR OF PANTS! No holes or anything! But. There is some paint splatter. At least they’re pants! Whew. (It’s hard to be me.) I hope I can find the library and find a place to park. (Next challenge!) I’ve never been there before.

I have a feeling there will be like, two people in the audience for this event, but if you should happen to be there, be sure to say hi. And please don’t mention the paint on my pants. (Thanks!)


  1. RosieJo says:

    SHAME ON YOU!!!! You’ve NEVER been to that library…well, I haven’t either, but at least I’ve never been to Charleston. Ok, maybe shame on me, too, just a ittle.

  2. Auntie Linda says:

    Just a thought… I hate shopping, too. I buy jeans and pants (for work) from Land’s End online, and they are delivered right to the door. If they don’t fit properly, I can return them to the local Sears store and don’t have to pay for return shipping. I find their clothes to be reasonably well made, and they fit my budget and life.

  3. wvbetty says:

    Suzanne, word of caution: downtown Charleston today is a zoo (even though it is raining). If you cant find a parking spot on the street, go to the municipal parking bldg. on Summers Street, right down from the back of the library. Better yet, get someone to drop you off! Good luck!

  4. Miss Judy says:

    You need to go to Garage sales…you never know what you’re going to find and you just might find brand new Levi jeans for $2.00…I did! And by the way…the sale was in an empty room at guess where…THE LIBRARY!

  5. ibpallets (Sharon B.) says:

    The woman DOES own a pair of pants!!!! LOL
    You’ll do a great job and I bet there will be a full audience!

    I just can’t pay full department store prices for pants or jeans, I can’t help it. Unless I get lucky and go into a store during a massive clearance sale, I buy most of my jeans from the Thrift stores- Sad, I know, but heck, it saves a ton of money and that’s money I can spend on the farm!

    Some girls want diamonds or fancy cars, but me, I want fencing/concrete/wood for structures, implements for the tractor– you get the picture! LOL

    Sharon B., VA :snoopy:

  6. brookdale says:

    Suzanne, good luck with the forum! It will be interesting I’m sure.
    SharonB, it’s not sad, it’s SMART to buy clothes at the thrift store! Not only do you get a good buy, but the organization that sponsors the thrift shop gets the profits. We have a wonderful one near here, in a University town, that’s sponsored by the local Senior Citizens group. It even has a dressing room and a bathroom! And great stuff!

  7. yvonnem says:

    Yes, Suzanne, as I’m sure you arleady know by now, Charleston is definitely a zoo today. Two huge events going on at the same time, the chili cook-off and the car show and doo wap thingy! :dancingmonster:

  8. Barbee says:

    Oh, yes, thrift stores are the way to go. If you can afford the time to browse through what they have. I have purchased worlds of clothes there over the years, wear them totally out then give them back to the store so they can sell them to the rag buying businesses. It’s a win-win for them, and me.

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