Three Goats, Relaxing


Oh wait, that’s Boomer…..


  1. pamb says:

    ;;sigh;; I miss our goats.

    This site is dangerous! :yes:

  2. Shelly says:

    Boomer looks so cute here. :woof:

  3. Sheila Z says:

    One of these is not like the others. Good disguise Boomer. It looks like Boomer turned out to be a great dog. I bet he helps catch any rats or other rodents that happen to get past the cats.

  4. Chic says:

    That’s so cute…I hope our animals get along that well one day. :happypuppy:

  5. Hannah says:

    The one in front (Clover or Nutmeg?) looks like she’s saying, “Wait a minute! You’re not a goat!” Boomer: “Yes I am! Baaaaaa!!”

  6. KentuckyFarmGirl says:

    We have 4…I want more! I love goats.

  7. winifred says:

    “Who says I’m not a goat?”

  8. Suz in the Tules says:

    :sheep: :sheepjump: :chicken: :cowsleep: :woof: :snuggle:
    PLEASE do the 12 days of Christmas when the time rolls around; it would be SO funny!
    Suz in the Tules

  9. Nancy in Iowa says:

    Boomer is definitely smiling at the girls, and he looks like he’s always belonged there!

    And I forgot to say Congratulations on the main post! You’ll sail through the video, I have no doubt.

  10. Ms E says:

    Such a peaceable little kingdom!

  11. Eunice Moore says:

    Congratulations!!! I don’t know why they bother with anything else. Just give you the job ‘cuz no one can do it better. :

  12. Liz in PA says:

    :happyfeet: Absolute Sweet Harmony :happyfeet:

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