Guarding the Perimeter


Mean Rooster, pacing the fenceline of his domain.

(He doesn’t have anything else to do. He’s already slain all the dragons and made all the damsels cry.)


  1. Patty says:

    I love reading about Mean Rooster. He’s like the bad guy/evil queen in all the Disney movies. Wouldn’t be the same without him! LOL

  2. B.Ruth says:

    Well, well… Hello Sweet Cheeks….aka Mean Rooster!

    Where have you been? Noticed you were noticibly missing from the big farm party pics. lol Weren’t you invited? Had you been a bad boy again? Had you threatened to terroize the little ones? I bet you got yourself locked in the did the threat of one blogger making “rooster stew” scare those “Sweet Cheeks” to a hideout in the woods hideing behind the little banty hen skirts? huh! lol

    PS..Yes it’s me, talking to you…lest you forget…you know I got your incarnate number! Spur scars on my belly to prove it…I’ll never forget grandmas chase around the barn!

  3. carol says:

    My sister had her own run-in with her own Mean Rooster. Spurs sunk in the arch of both feet (never wear flip-flops to the henhouse)and Chicken and Dumplins for dinner. Sis had to hobble to the table but she enjoyed every bite.

  4. Bonnie Hembree says:

    Mean Rooster is so very handsome. I am sure he has kissed the girls and made them all cry.He is king of the farm.

  5. Shelly says:

    He is so beautiful but I see those red eyes of fury! :devil2:

  6. .Nancy in Iowa says:

    He takes his job so seriously!!! At least he isn’t packing an Uzi…

  7. lola falana says:

    After reading the spurs to the foot story, I want to mention that you can and should trim your rooster’s spurs. Not only for your safety, but because when he treads on the backs of the hens, he can cause cuts down her sides and wings. These can go unnoticed because of the feathering running perpendicular to the cuts. Careful b/c birds have very little blood, have something on hand to stop the bleeding, should there be any. Here is a link:

    Apparently, you can also grind them down with a dremel.

  8. Double Trouble Ranch says:

    Honestly?! He wouldn’t come out of the fence like a real bully and “Bring it on” at the party. Instead he stayed inside the fence where the little children couldn’t get ahold of him to tame him down. Don’t back down from him Suzanne, it is obvious he has your number. If you like, I will send my two chicken tamers up for an intense traning session. Little time pulling bottles, learning to walk on a harness he will be a different roo. :jackolantern:

  9. trish says:

    How did he do during the Chickens in the Road party?

  10. Chic says:

    I’m so glad our Romeo is a good rooster….the ‘girls’ all love him and he lives up to his name! :hungry2:

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