Guess Who Again


Ross showed up here at the farm yesterday evening with his latest in weaponry acquisitions. He’s leaving for the submarine on Monday. Or so we hear! This event keeps being delayed, which he doesn’t mind. I’m sure he wishes it would be delayed until after deer season…. (He came straight from work and is dressed in his Navy camos.)


  1. bonita says:

    You know, routine surprises are an oxymoron…but a beloved one at that
    Every thing one could want for deer season–exceptthe deer!

  2. native daughter says:

    Blessings on Ross.

  3. bumblebee says:

    Ross, you look mighty handsome in your camos! LOVE the color. God Bless you, always… and THANK YOU!!!!! So glad you had another chance to visit home!! Always a pleasure to hear about your visits. 😀 :snoopy:

  4. grandeb1956 says:

    Great surprise! I’m starting to think there is no submarine! Lol! Stay safe & thanks for your service! Enjoy your time with him Suzanne!

  5. CassieOz says:

    Great surprise and such a handsome man. I have to say I don’t get ‘camos’ for Navy. There’s no hiding a battleship and no-one can see you in a submarine anyway (that’s the point, right?). Royal Australian Navy went from their old blue fatigues into camo, and promptly put Hi-vis stripes on their arms so they could be seen around vehicles and aircraft. Whacko! It’s all about guys looking cool though, isn’t it?

  6. kathy says:

    As I looked at the picture today, I realized I’ve seen your son go from typical gawky teenager into one really nice looking young man. Accomplished, committed to his family, and soon to be a dad with a family of his own. The kind of person you would want to know and call friend. Suzanne, you must be so proud. And Ross, I know you hear us say it, but truly, from my heart, thank you for your sacrifice and service to us, the American people.

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