Guess What We Did


Heather (MrsFuzz on the forum and in the comments section) is here ahead of the retreat helping me get ready. She’s an experienced rider, and I was eager to have the guidance and support here to take my first ride with Shortcake out on the farm.

I’ve been riding Shortcake around the barnyard, which has been getting kinda boring. It’s not what I want to do.

I want to get out on the farm–in the fields, on the trails, on the road.

And guess what I did today? I RODE SHORTCAKE ALL OVER THIS FARM! In the fields, on the trails, out on the road. And Shortcake was wonderful. I just needed the confidence boost of someone beside me to get out there. I’m so in love with this horse. (Thank you, Heather!)

P.S. And then I got that wagon painted! Pictures of that tomorrow!


  1. Miss Judy says:

    I am not a horse person but some family members are…You have to be very proud of yourself! My DIL says that the view looks different from between the ears of a horse. Before you know it you will be ridin’ the range checkin’ the fence and stock everyday!!!

  2. Jane L says:

    Congratulations! There is nothing more wonderful than a horse between your legs (including men, lol;), so enjoy!

  3. brookdale says:

    Wow, congratulations! What fun you will have now, “ridin’ the ranges, where good luck never changes, with foot in the stirrup you’ll gallop away”!
    (That is from an old song called “My Home’s in Montana” which I learned as a kid many years ago.)

  4. Blessings says:

    Congrats! We all knew you could/would do it!!Love the view overlooking the farm…

  5. bonita says:

    Good for you and thanks to Heather for the support. Oh, and thanks to Shortcake who proves that 2nd round draft choices can be great for the team.

  6. Janine E says:

    How wonderful! Life always looks better from between a horse’s ears. Congratulations on the first trail ride out on Shortcake!

  7. Old Geezer says:

    Looks like you also had the help of a certain burro along the way.

  8. Journey11 says:

    How nice that will be for getting around the farm. (I’ll take a horse over an ATV anyday.) Hope to see lots more pics with horse ears in them! :sun:

  9. wildcat says:

    Love that last photo, overlooking the farm! :yes:

  10. Cheryl LeMay says:

    I always knew Shortcake had it in her – and you too. Beautiful day to go riding.
    At first I thought when I read the title that you and Morgan had gone riding together. Has she been riding Zip too? Was Heather on Zip? How did she work out?

  11. MrsB says:

    Your saddle blanket is just perfect.

  12. Barbee says:

    Did Pokey and Jack go, too? Was Zip a good girl, too? Hugs to Shortcake, and to Heather!!

  13. mintamichelle says:

    How Wonderful! I love the picture and amazing view. We too are on our first horse journey….and just getting out of the arena and exploring the farm. I am soooo excited for you!!!!

  14. MMT says:

    Congratulations!!!! I so envy your big property to ride on. We have to trailer our horses to state parks to ride. We did go horse camping this weekend though and had such a good time. We took our 4 month old Chesapeak Bay Retreiver for her first time on the trails and she did really good. I love having a dog on the trail to keep deer, turkey and other things moving ahead of us so they don’t pop up right under our horses nose and cause a wreck. Soon your woods will be ablaze with fall color and you will have a hard time staying off that horse.

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