Hanging Basket Winners


My current hanging baskets. (Speaking of hanging baskets!)

Mark Slattery, of Hanging Baskets/Garden Squirrel, as a gesture of goodwill and apology in response to the discovery of my content (text and photos) on his website (for a year! more details here), offered me six of these 14-inch cone hanging planters. He also assured me that he was working to remove every instance of my unauthorized content on his site.

I would not have discovered this incident without you. And no one would pay any attention to me without you.

I thanked him for his offer and asked him if I could give them away instead–to six of you. He agreed. And so! Six of you will each win one of the cone hanging baskets. They will be shipped to you from Hanging Baskets (not me), and he has requested the giveaway be limited to U.S./Canada. (Of course, if you live outside U.S./Canada, you may still enter if you can provide a U.S. or Canada shipping address, i.e. a family member etc to receive the package for you.)

To enter to win, simply leave a comment to let me know you want to be in the draw! Six winners will be drawn using comments numbers and random.org. This giveaway closes for eligible comments at noon Eastern time on July 15 and this post will be updated with the winners. (I usually close giveaways at midnight, but because I’m posting this later in the morning, I want to be sure that those readers who came by earlier this morning will still have an opportunity to enter the giveaway tomorrow morning.)

THANK YOU ALL! I wish I could give one away to every single one of you!

UPDATE 07/15/11:Winners!

Several people brought up in the comments that Patricia (comment #55, patinusa), deserved one of the prize baskets, and I can’t agree more. Patricia is the one who emailed me when she stumbled across what looked just like my words and photos on the Hanging Baskets website. Without her, there would be no baskets to give away at all, so I hope that no one will mind if I assign her the first hanging basket!

For the other five, drawing by comment numbers on random.org:
#30, manlovea
#175, yysmom
#71, rustinsmommy
#46, ashmmorgan2
#112, Journey11

Winners, email me at [email protected] with your full name and address for shipping! Your prize will be shipped to you from the Hangings Baskets people. Please let us know when your baskets arrive! (Inquiring minds want to know.)



  1. CasieD says:

    Well how nice of him.

    Please enter me into the drawing!

  2. tea4too0 says:

    I tried to e maill that guy and it won’t let me!lol. Good for you, Suzanne. I hate it when this stuff happens. Anyway please enter me. Thank you, and good luck to me. T

  3. pensiero says:

    YAY for goodwill gestures!! Please enter me.

  4. Rockyshore says:

    How nice of him. I would like to enter the drawing, please and thank you. :happyflower:

  5. Kathi says:

    I agree — yay for goodwill gestures.

    Yes, please include me in the drawing.


  6. sparkles2307 says:

    I’d love to be entered and I am SO glad that its working out this way for you!

  7. kellytorrey says:

    Please enter me for a hanging basket, thanks!!

  8. KLabmom says:

    I was very happy to email this guy yesterday, I’m glad it looks like our emails worked πŸ™‚ Please enter me as well, thank you!

  9. giddyupz says:

    I would love a basket! Glad he is trying to make good.

  10. CrystalGB says:

    I would love to have one of the hanging baskets. Count me in please.

  11. boydsandthebees says:

    I would love a hanging basket. Pick me, pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. JeannieL says:

    And I just sent him a flaming email…. I will believe he is serious when all the posts are down…including the rooster.
    You have a lot of people that respect you and your work.
    We got your back sista!

  13. cabynfevr says:

    I would LOVE to win one!!

  14. wbender says:

    I’m happy to here that he went the extra mile to make this right. πŸ˜€
    Please enter me for one of the baskets! Thanks for offering them to us!

  15. BrownsFan says:

    Hi Suzanne,
    I’m glad Mr Slattery is doing the right thing. He should probably give some customer service training to his webmaster, however. Thank you for letting me enter the contest!

  16. Jeff. says:

    Very nice of him to make this right for you! Please enter me! Thanks!

  17. JeannieL says:

    I DON’T want one… I can’t stand a thief

  18. merng says:

    At least he’s trying. This internet thing is so much more than people realize, there’s a lot more involved than just starting a website, lots of legalities that people don’t even think of. Would love a hanging basket!

  19. livingonabudget says:

    I’m glad he’s making it right and I’d love to win one!!

  20. Liz Pike says:

    Ok, I’m game! I actually love these type baskets! Thanks Mark for making good, and thanks Suzanne for accepting his apology! To celebrate, I’ll make your morning cocoa rolls!!

  21. JeannieL says:

    He just emailed me back from his phone telling me all was resolved and about the giveaway… Talk about backpedaling.
    Another person has discovered that Suzanne is loved.. :heart:

  22. collector1 says:

    At least he is making an effort. I just moved into an new apartment – have the whole floor of a house to myself and a small porch that needs a hanging basket! Please enter me in the drawing and thanks for the giveaway :sheepjump:

  23. Rain says:

    enter me please! :sheep:

  24. bubbashome says:

    Would love to win one of the baskets.

  25. gardnerh says:

    I just found the site a few days ago and love it. The hanging baskets are lovely and would really brighten up a dreary Oregon summer (right now its 57 degrees and raining – again). :clover:

  26. Liz Pike says:

    JeannieL #15, for half a second I felt the same way, but then realized I don’t really know for sure, his story may be true, a reader may very well have submitted Suzanne’s work (I doubt it, but I wasn’t there). So in the spirit of spinning this back to the positive, I’ll play along and if I win, whenever I look at the basket, I’ll be reminded that forgiveness is a gift I can give others.

    and to never lift anything on Suzanne’s blog. You people are relentless I tell ya!! πŸ˜†

  27. JeannieL says:

    I flamed him but when he responded within 5 minutes I sent him this… And know that is it true..

    Yes, I saw that. If you have never seen her site, you should…Start with β€˜ The Slanted House’. Suzanne is a very talented person that shares her life-good and rough- with her followers. Her way with words and pictures will draw you in. You will soon discover why she has so many defenders. Just be prepared to laugh and cry and be amazed that one person can do what she does…
    I too am an artist after a fashion and it hurts when this happens.

  28. amspicer says:

    I am glad this resolution was easier to come by than the last one! I would love to enter to win a basket.

  29. manlovea says:

    Wow…what a generous thing! Yes, please enter me in the drawing!

    ~Amy in WI

  30. Janet Missouri says:

    I love your website, look forward to enjoying my cup of coffee with you every morning.
    Please enter me in the drawing, so nice of him to offer you the hanging baskets and even nicer of you to share them with us!

  31. JeannieL says:

    Yes, he is forgiven..sorry…I get a little wound up about things…

  32. AutumpneReyn says:

    Please enter me!

  33. cclear1959 says:

    That was mighty nice of him..please enter me…Thanks!

  34. amysoup says:

    Please enter me in the drawing!

  35. tami says:

    Please enter me!!!

  36. langela says:

    Please enter me. Let’s hope this resolves things for good.

  37. AliciaN says:

    Please enter me as well πŸ™‚ My mom would love a new hanging basket πŸ˜€

  38. MissyinWV says:

    I’m so glad he is doing the right thing!!!

  39. Hugh says:

    Count me in! I’d love to have one.

  40. MousE says:

    I sent him a polite email, wondering how his son was doing,

    anyway I am glad he is offering this to you. I like happy endings. I would like to win one!

    Cheers and best wishes,

    MousE (who after 12 attempts can sign in again!)

  41. BeverlyC says:

    Would love to be in the draw…..but MOST importantly, I’m glad this issue was resolved in such a timely, civil manner!

    Thanks to Mark for the kind gesture & THANKS to you for passing the baskets on to us! πŸ™‚


  42. dlynthomas says:

    Good deal! Please enter me in the drawing.

  43. paintdipper says:

    So glad it got resolved, please add me to the drawing. Enjoy the day!

  44. Miss Judy says:

    I got a prompt polite reply after I had e-mailed him…he said he is removing CitR content from his site. Sure I would like to have one of those cone baskets…enter me in the drawing.

  45. ashmmorgan2 says:

    I’m glad that he will be taking down your unauthorized work! And what a nice gesture to offer you the baskets; I’d love to be entered in the drawing! Congrats on the victory, Suzanne!

  46. Esor says:

    I would love to have a chance at a basket! I promise the basket will enjoy the sunset every night here on the left coast. :snoopy:

  47. ellen422 says:

    I have a nice patio with several EMPTY hanging plant holders……

  48. ellen422 says:

    I forgot to say “enter me” LOL.

  49. gingergoat says:

    Would love a basket. Please sign me up and thanks for all that you do. This is the first place I go every morning.


  50. MaryMooCow says:

    OOOOh! (*salivating*) Please enter me!! :happyflower:



  51. roseyposey says:

    Please enter me! Thank-you.

  52. leann says:

    I hope Mr. Slattery will go the “extra mile” and make sure that this doesn’t happen again. After his painful verbal lashing, I’m pretty sure he won’t be “borrowing” any of CITR content in the future. Please put me in the draw for the basket. :happyflower:

  53. ktbirch says:

    Please enter me. Thanks!

  54. patinusa says:

    Being a silent reader from almost the beginning, but for that I register πŸ™‚
    Thank you Suzanne for the give-away of something that really should be yours!
    But since you are giving it away and ask for the reason, I have a good πŸ™‚
    I was the one who emailed you with the link to his website πŸ™‚
    So I really hope I win :-))

  55. Books4me107 says:

    Pick me! Pick me! My porch is sad and bare and in desperate need of a pretty hanging basket.

  56. BrendaYonk says:

    Glad that Mr. Slattery is trying to do the right thing here. Please include me in the drawing for a basket! Love your site and your posts – I’ve learned a lot from you!

  57. Cubzwin1908 says:

    Love a happy ending! Sounds like he’s putting his money where is mouth is anyway. I would love a gorgeous visual reminder of you and your crew that inspire me daily. Thanks to you (and him) for the lovely drawing.

  58. babsaroo1969 says:

    These baskets are lovely. I would love to win one! Please enter me! Thanks! :cowsleep:

    [email protected]

  59. fogebotom says:

    Count me in too!!!! I have a great spot by the horse barn for it!

  60. vintagecrow1 says:

    Good to see that he did the right thing and then offered a gift to you as a gester of goodwill. How nice of you to pass them on to your friends and followers. I would love to be entered in your draw thanks RuthieB.

  61. prayingpup says:

    Well, this makes it feel a little better – thank you for thinking of us, Suzanne! Please enter me!

  62. KellyWalkerStudios says:

    Well, it’s a start. Glad he is making the gesture.

  63. JerseyMom says:

    Enter me too, please. Nice gesture – and hopefully he’s learned a lesson….

  64. Beachmom says:

    What a nice gesture! Yes, please enter me into the drawing. Thank you!

  65. Ramona Slocum says:

    We are all so happy this was resolved. Please put me into the drawing.
    MN Mona

  66. patricialynn says:

    What a nice gesture. He did something wrong, but he’s trying to make ammends and fix the situation. Please enter me in the drawing.

  67. Turtle Mom says:

    I also received an email from Mark stating the same flimsy excuse he gave you. I don’t buy his explanation, but as long as you have accepted his apology that is all that matters. I “binged” his e-mail address that someone posted on FB and got an unexpected eyeful when I opened the webpage. Wish I hadn’t done that!

    I’d be happy to receive a hanging basket.

  68. Carmi says:

    Please enter me for the basket. Thank you. :sheepjump:

  69. rurification says:

    Let’s hope he doesn’t do it again. Nice gesture of goodwill, though. Enter me!

  70. rustinsmommy says:

    I can’t believe someone would steal such a personal post. :bugeyed: Glad it got worked out.
    Please enter me into the drawing! :shimmy:

  71. BelleofBiltmore says:

    Please put my name in the drawing.

    We tend to look after each other on this site, especially for you ! You bring us such wonderful laughter, knowledge, and at times…tears. Many Thanks!

  72. Diane says:

    Congrats Suzanne!!!!! It was so worth sending a few emails. I so hate to see people using other peoples work and art and claim them as their own. And that is what Mark did. It was very good of him to do this to make up for the use of your work on his site. I hope that in the future he will check to see what is being sent to him and contact the orginial owner of the photos or at least give them credit with a link back to their site.

    Please enter me into this contest.!!! I would love to have something like this. πŸ™‚

    Have a good day. Glad things worked out for you.

  73. Julia says:

    Please enter me. It is a nice gesture. Since Mark was so quick to apologize and remove the stolen content, perhaps we can give him the benefit of the doubt.

  74. slpuckett52 says:

    :sheepjump: If it’s still open please pick me..what a nice gesture on his part and hopefully this won’t happen to someone else. Glad you persued it and we get to be a winner too!

  75. Shelly says:

    Please entry me! Thank you

  76. texasmom says:

    Agree with everyone else. It is nice of him.

    Please enter me in the drawing.

  77. ChristaH says:

    Very nice if him to make good on it

  78. catslady says:

    You are always so generous and I would love a chance at these lovely baskets. I have the perfect place :yes:

  79. mrsdmahogany says:

    How lovely! I would appreciate being entered into the draw!!


  80. kelly jo kirby says:

    I want one of them! You should also give one of them to the person who notified you of this wrong doing.

  81. mammaleigh says:

    I would love one! Just remind him of what happened to your Goat pictures!! Haha

  82. mommyby3 says:

    That is very nice of him. Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks

  83. absinthe says:

    Please enter me!

  84. AmyCook in WI says:

    That is what I call good customer service. Everyone makes mistakes (don’t tell my husband that I said that!), but the hallmark of good business and a person with integrity is to acknowledge the error and make amends. Well done!

    I would love to get a hanging basket, as my petunias have pooped out on me and are getting leggy!

  85. hershiesgirl says:

    I think one should go to the ‘finder of the stolen content’ without entry….. but I’d love to have one! Sign me up! Jackie

  86. oct4luv says:

    Ooooo!! I want one! :wave:

  87. jan n tn says:

    I have to admit to hitting the basket site this morning. Just to see what was there! They seem to be quite nice, and I would LOVE to win one of them.
    Mother in my ear: “Admit when you’re wrong…Don’t gloat in being right…All will be happy!”

  88. claycath says:

    I’d love a pretty hanging basket! Please enter me in the draw! :purpleflower:

  89. Abby's Mom says:

    Hopefully this will be lesson learned for Mr. Slaterly and anyone who stumbles on this post… Would love to be entered to win a hanging basket! :happyflower:

  90. whaledancer says:

    I’m glad he’s doing that; he should. And it’s gracious of you to share the bounty with your readers. But the rooster pictures are STILL up on his site.


  91. azladychef says:

    I’d love to win a basket! So glad you were able to be heard and he is trying to make things right.. Hurray Suzanne and readers!!! :snoopy:

  92. countrygirl221 says:

    Glad this problem was resolved Suzanne. Please enter me in the drawing and thank you. πŸ˜€

  93. JJ says:

    Good gesture on his part. I’d like one of the baskets!

  94. bbkrehmeyer says:

    Yes, please enter me in the basket give away. I do believe that if we put our work out where others can see it, if we don’t want to copied or stolen we need to copyright it.
    Thanks for your beautiful pix and blogs. They brighten up my day…

  95. mlf125 says:

    Please enter me in the drawing! Thanks!

  96. debbifav says:

    Please enter me in the drawing.

  97. Gem says:

    A restitution basket – I’d love one!

  98. ticka1 says:

    Please include me in the drawing.

  99. SonyaW says:

    How nice of him. Glad there was a resolution:)!! PLease enter me in the drawing. Thank you!

  100. jeepdriver says:

    A hanging basket of pretty flowers would be appreciated by me and my neighbors so please enter me in the drawing. And I’d like to thank you for the newest screen saver. Seeing that cute little face each morning starts the day out right.

  101. Snowdance says:

    I’d love a basket! Thank you!

    And I’m so glad you got things straightened out. πŸ™‚

  102. jrrus95 says:

    :snoopy: Please enter me into the drawing– thanks!!

  103. heidiannie says:

    Hey! I would love one of these- and a peace offering is a rare thing in this world today- so it would be extra special to win!
    Thanks for the chance and the offer and allowing peace to rule!

  104. countrydreams64 says:

    I agree that the lady who notified you of this issue should get the first one. I am happy that he has offered this show of good will, however I do not want to be entered. I don’t trust this man. But I do understand and don’t judge others who do….it’s just my own dis-trusting, cynical nature coming out. :wave:

  105. boulderneigh says:

    I would love to win one as well, and I’m glad the thief has done a LITTLE more to make the theft right!

  106. quiltinggranna says:

    would love one. buy mid summer inTX, everything is beginning to look stressed, including me!

  107. RoseLynd says:

    Please enter me in the contest!
    I hope this all gets straightened out soon for you!!
    Thank you πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Rose Lynd

  108. dustymom says:

    Hey – sounds like forgiveness is a good thing
    I’d like to be entered and join with everyone in celebrating that a good thing can come from bad . . . yeh! Marilyn

  109. CarrieJ says:

    That’s pretty cheap consider the $2500 bill the last guy got for this. Enter me in the contest please!

  110. Journey11 says:

    That was a nice gesture. Please enter me in the drawing! πŸ™‚

  111. Dee8808 says:

    Please enter me in the drawing. πŸ™‚

  112. heidinawrocki says:

    Oooh – how lovely it would look on my new porch πŸ™‚ Enter me for sure~

  113. GrammieEarth says:

    Glad he is doing something. I clicked on his link early am today and saw the roo in the basket…the pic you said he didn’t even post! Because it was a grandbaby day (he is 2.5 and she is 17 months)I had no time to say anything to him.

    I was coerced to show your videos (yet again :moo: ) to our Mr. 2.5!

    I don’t need a hanging basket, but if you happen to draw my name, maybe you would send it along to Patricia for her diligence. Thanks Patricia and to all that stand behind Suzannes (and OUR) wonderful site.

    :sun: Pam

    ps…I think you should have invoiced him.

  114. Flatlander says:

    Nice gesture of him (AND YOU), lucky me I live in Canada…so yes please enter me in the draw….

  115. enigma8329 says:

    I love hanging baskets!! Please enter me πŸ™‚

  116. debbie fowler says:

    πŸ˜• Sorry folks think it is ok to use your work?

  117. flgrl says:

    I would love one!

  118. kmcc325 says:

    Please put me in the drawing!!

  119. Peggy in KY says:

    It is sad when others use items that they have no right to use. If he had only asked. Nice of you to share with your fans.

  120. sal says:

    Wow, over 100 entries so far. I’m not fazed in the least….I can do this, I want that basket! :snoopy:

  121. alba says:

    How wonderful of the man… I would love to win one I am Canadian, I just Adore the farm you have I check in Daily & you or your always makes me Smile πŸ™‚
    Any sign of baby poky Yet?
    Have a good one & good luck to All the contestants….

  122. marie in Amite says:

    I would love to win a hanging basket for my little patio at the Comfort Farm.



  123. Leah's Mom says:

    Count me in! :sheepjump:

  124. MMT says:

    Glad you are getting this ironed out. Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks

  125. ladydragon517 says:

    I would like to win one. Thanks!

  126. cricketjett says:

    Please enter me in the drawing.

  127. Estella says:

    Would love to have a basket for my back deck!

  128. jeninid says:

    :wave: I’d love to win a hanging basket!

  129. Jiller says:

    I would love a basket! Please enter me into the drawing!
    Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  130. LisaAJB says:

    Ohh, I feel like a sellout for this, but I do want a free hanging basket!

  131. Duhlina says:

    Count me in please! :wave:

  132. Claudia W says:

    Well that is nice of him! I would love to be in the drawing for one of those baskets.

  133. dfpanter says:

    I’d love to be included in the drawing! Better than that, I’d love to win! Hahaha! I’m glad it’s being resolved. Too bad it had to happen in the first place, though. πŸ™‚

  134. ayenbe says:

    Good for him for acknowledging and trying to make amends. It doesn’t excuse it, but it’s a nice gesture. I would like to be in the drawing for the free hanging basket!

  135. kathyrossen says:

    Please enter me in the drawing.

  136. laurie hamar says:

    I was away from my computer and missed the “excitement”, but would appreciate a chance to win. Thank you and I’m glad it all worked out,

  137. Cheryl LeMay says:

    Please enter me too! I’m glad he’s making amends.Unfortunately it’s not the first time this has happened and probably not the last.

  138. GingerB says:

    Oh please enter me too! My dead petunias need company! It’s nice to know that there is still honor to be found out there. Sometimes you have to wonder.

  139. stefinity says:

    Well, at least he is trying and something good may come out of it πŸ™‚ I would LOVE to be entered in the drawing for a basket.

  140. Lana says:

    Please enter me in the drawing – I have a lot of birds in my back yard and love the idea of the baskets being a bird’s nest!

    Suzanne, you are SOOO good at what you do, every one wants to “share!!”

  141. Linda Goble says:

    Well good for him to make things right for you and very nice offer. I would love to win one so please enter me in the drawing. Thank you to both. :happyflower:

  142. Praiz says:

    I would love to be entered. Thank you.

  143. lizajane says:

    I have a wrap-around porch and would love one of these baskets!

  144. Darlene in North GA says:

    I’m glad you found out and he’s taking the content down.
    I’d like to win a hanging basket. Thanks

  145. chickenherd says:

    Wow, how nice! I want to be in the drawing!

  146. margiesbooboo says:

    Please enter me in the drawing! πŸ™‚

  147. Aggiemom says:

    :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun:
    I will give my basket lots of sun and water it to it will remind me of the beautiful picture of the baskets on your deck.

    Please pick me.

    :snoopy: :snoopy: :snoopy: :snoopy: :snoopy: :snoopy: :snoopy:

  148. pdelainey says:

    I’m glad to hear that he admitted to having copy-righted material posted and is making it right.
    I would love to have a planter.
    Pat :clover:

  149. Liz says:

    :snoopy: Please enter me in the Hanging Basket prize!
    And Thank You for being so generous! Liz in PA :snoopy:

  150. mommafox says:

    Please put me in for the hanging basket drawing. Maybe a basket of flowers will brighten up my temporary “home”.

  151. vmfisher says:

    It is kind of you to share your apology gift. I would like to be entered.

  152. enjay says:

    please enter me, thanks!

  153. Vicki in So. CA says:

    Gotta give Mark credit for this gesture. I’d love to have one of those baskets! :wave:

  154. wannabee says:

    I would love to have one of those baskets, they look very nice πŸ™‚

  155. kpbarnett says:

    I’d love to have one – thanks to both of you! :happyflower:

  156. Donna Guinn says:

    I would love a chance to win one of these baskets to brighten up our gazabo!

  157. shannan says:

    Thank you so much for sharing with us! I would love to see one of these baskets hanging from my porch! Enter me please.

  158. galagal says:

    Enter me.It’s so GREAT to see the power of the people in action. Too bad the Gov. can’t get it together.

  159. Rah says:

    Now that’s what I call a class act apology! And props to you for passing it along. I have never seen a cone-shaped planter bsket like this.

  160. Spiderjohn says:

    I’m in!

  161. Miss Nellie says:

    I would love to win, please enter me.

  162. Paintedpastures3 says:

    Kudos to Mark for his generosity and to you Suzanne as well for sharing them with your readers. Please enter me in the drawing.

  163. carolynm says:

    Nice to see a happy ending. Please enter me in the drawing!

  164. tsmith says:

    Please enter me.

  165. marylhall330 says:

    Hi Suzanne, YOU GO GIRL!!! Yes, please enter me. I am going to grow something edible in mine.

    Mary Hall

  166. suziQ says:

    Please enter me in the drawing! Thank you! :sheepjump:

  167. dancinggrapes says:

    What a lovely way to turn something sour into lemonade! Please enter me to partake in the spoils!

  168. DebbieM says:

    Congratulations on your problem resolution and thanks for sharing your victory! Would love to win-thanks!

  169. tinamanley says:

    Those would look wonderful on my farm porch! I’m so glad you pursued the theft of your work. Please enter me in the drawing.


  170. MrsC says:

    Please enter me in the contest!

  171. 4jsMOM says:

    Please enter me in the drawing.

  172. Ms.Becky says:

    well he’s a champ after all. loyal readers have a lot of clout when we take action, hey? Okay, since he’s being nice about it now, and agreeable, he’s forgiven. please enter me in the drawing Suzanne. and I’m really happy that all the love surrounding you is visible and evident on this most glorious July morning! :hug: :airkiss:

  173. yysmom says:

    me please!!! πŸ˜€

  174. Pete says:

    OK – I’ll play. πŸ˜€

    (Only because we always need one more hanging basket…not because we want to encourage bad behavior, or pretense of contrition…)

  175. joeyfulnoise says:

    I can’t imagine a day without reading your blog – I enjoy it so much. Enter me please!

  176. TwistedStitcher says:

    Please pick me. I have the perfect place for a hanging basket. I am sorry about the abuse of your work though. If you weren’t so good you wouldn’t have these problems.

  177. shewhobeads says:

    Lovely baskets, I would like to be in the drawing.

  178. marymac says:

    Glad to hear all’s well that ends well, please enter me for a basket!

  179. Rhonda says:


  180. luvthecountry says:

    I would like to be entered in the drawing too. Thanks!

  181. beforethedawn says:

    Well that is nice of him. Hope I’m not too late to throw my name into the basket. πŸ˜‰

  182. Evelyn says:

    The least he could do. Count me in :wave:

  183. countrydreams64 says:

    Congratulations to the winners…and especially to Patricia. I’m so glad you made sure she got one.

    I hope the winners do make sure to report once they receive their baskets. I want to be sure that this Mark is ‘good’ on his word.

  184. rustinsmommy says:

    Yahoooo! I never win drawings! I am so happy to win a hanging basket. My porch will thank you and so do I! :snoopy:

  185. Liz Pike says:

    Congrats, winners!! And I’m glad Patricia got the first one!

  186. Journey11 says:

    Yippee! I can’t believe I won something. :happyflower: Thanks!!

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