Hark, What Is That Orange Thing?


After flooding rains that washed away all the snow, fresh snow started falling overnight and is still falling. I don’t think we’re expecting much this round, though. After a two-hour delay, school is IN today! Morgan was so happy! I think she would have skipped down to the bus if that wouldn’t have resulted in slipping and falling in the driveway. I think this might be about the fourth day they’ve been in school in almost the past month.


  1. GA_in_GA says:

    I guess Senoritis cannot be enjoyed unless you are actually in school. :yes:

  2. Glenda says:

    Hallaleuja! I know she felt like she was isolated….except, of course, for cell phones and aren’t they a blessing.

  3. Linda Goble says:

    Will they need to make this time up during the summer.. Not get out when suppose to or will they take time over Easter Break… You been having your fare share of bad weather… I won’t complain for the 14 inches we got here in NY. and another storm coming Sunday or Monday…

  4. Cousin Mark says:

    Time to eat some carrots or check eye chart……School Buses are YELLOW not orange. You teased me with the post title thinking you had found a pumpkin or dug up a water line by mistake. Mark

  5. zteagirl71 says:

    Ah snow days… I remember those. Nowadays they are but a memory of when I used to live in places that were subjected to that cold white stuff that steadily fell from the sky and became a school bus repelling blanket. My children have only heard of such phenomenon through harrowing tales told by me and my husband; he used to live in Alaska, the land of 8 months of winter! :shocked:

  6. holstein woman says:

    My mother still tells of hiking for 2 or was it 5 miles in the snow to get to school. She is almost 90 so you know how long ago that was.
    I’m glad Morgan is back in school. I know she wants to be there.

  7. Katharina says:

    WOO-HOO! Hot and cold running water, school buses transporting students, LIFE IS GOOD!

  8. Joell says:

    School has been out here again for most of the week due to the snow and ice storm we had the first part of the week, and another is due tomorrow, I wonder if they sell dog sleds on ebay?? 😆

  9. shirley T says:

    Hey Mark, Maybe Suzanne forgot what color a school bus is. After all, It had been a long time since she saw one

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