Hark, Who Appears in Yonder Meadow


Every time I think I won’t see Ross again until he gets back at the end of the year from his long at-sea….
….he shows up at my back door!
Here, he is enlisting his baby sister in completing his fabulous dream deer stand in the far upper pasture.

Happy fourth of July!


  1. bonita says:

    Some surprises are just too cool, eh?

  2. yvonnem says:

    Happy Fourth of July to you too!

    Your kids are so awesome. I’m glad Ross wants to marry and stay here in WV!

    Guessing the storm didn’t give you a direct hit, luckily. We in Kanawha Co. are VERY water logged.

  3. holstein woman says:

    I hope she made a deal that she gets to hunt also.

  4. Glenda says:

    That did make it a Happy 4th!

  5. NancyL says:

    The instant I saw her carrying…??…a ladder? I KNEW Ross had to be behind it!!! Lucky Mom, lucky girl, lucky family!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

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