Hay in the Day


I’m planning to mostly feed round bales this winter, but I wanted a small stash of square bales. They’re handy at certain times, particularly if you’re keeping an animal stalled for some reason. Feeding mostly round bales will reduce my daily hay chores, though, so I headed in that direction for this winter.
You can see my problem with the location of this latest delivery of round bales at the moment, though. (See Night in the Hay.) The goats are already having a party.
I’ve got the cows out on the upper pasture, and I have to bring Glory Bee in to milk through that gate at the back of the front barnyard. I can see her saying, “I don’t care what you’ve got for me in the milking parlor, woman, I’m staying here with the round bales.”

These bales gotta move!


  1. jodiezoeller says:

    I love that the goats are having a party with your new hay delivery! Awesome photos. Glad to see you get back to regular posting.

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