See it?
And there were two.
Strolling around in the back barnyard this morning.
The fencing is pretty high in the back barnyard, but I figure they came in through the open gates that let Glory Bee out all the way through to the creek and woods in the back of the lower fields.

It’s been pretty “hectical” here the last few days with getting ready and getting through and getting over the wonderful wildflower weekend retreat. It was a fantastic weekend, and I’m working on sorting through all the pictures. Meanwhile, it’s been hectical! Which isn’t a real word, but maybe it should be. Don’t you think?


  1. Joell says:

    It should be a word. it makes perfect sense to me.
    What a beautiful sight to see, we usally have a mommy and her babies show up in the orchard when the fruit gets a little larger, what a lovely way to strt thr day when we see them in the morning, they are such beautiful animals.

  2. brookdale says:

    Beautiful deer! They were checking out your veg. gardens. They’ll be baaaack!
    I saw deer tracks in my driveway this morning, and my phlox were leveled off to the ground. Also the new buds on my rosebush are now missing. The deer had a midnight feast I am sure.
    With all your dogs around I’m surprised they dared come into your fields!

  3. jodiezoeller says:

    My thoughts went to a preview of deer season later this year. LOL. But they are nice to look at too. Hope they don’t eat your garden but the guard dogs should scare them away. Loving all the retreat and Spring/Summer photos. Is Morgan home for the summer? or visiting her Dad? I’m sure you would love to have some help on the farm for the summer.

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