Hello Goat


Oh, sure. Out again! Here’s Maia peeking around the side of the studio to see if anyone has caught on yet that Chloe dug a hole out of the goat yard and brought ALL her friends with her!


  1. Joell says:

    Sounds like a game of follow the leader—Maia being the leader. 😉

  2. whtelephant says:

    You had made a post a couple days ago mentioning that one of your dogs was escaping a lot… I’m glad I’m not the only one with a Great Pyr with the digging problem!! I’ve got a young girl (8 mo or so) who is in with my goats and horse. Given 15 minutes unsupervised she will be out of the fence with a ginormous hole dug somewhere. I’ve had to resort to keeping her on a chain in the pasture so she won’t leave. Have you (or anyone) found any successful tricks for keeping LGD’s in the pasture with the animals they’re supposed to be guarding?

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