Help on the Way


I had my various winter-related issues checked into yesterday.

The hot water heater–I need a new heating element.

The furnace–still a mystery. (There is no easy reset button, so that’s not it.) The pilot is automatic, but it has a lockout if there’s no gas. Once the gas was back, it didn’t respond. So…. This needs more investigation, but is not the most pressing problem at the moment so it hasn’t received a lot of attention.

The bathroom–there is a leak under the house.

My hired men will be here this evening to work on things! And they’re going to get my car out. The road is clear, but I’m terrified of the sheet of ice on my driveway. Once they drive it down, I’ll keep it parked by the road for easy in and out until the snow is gone. I just need it OFF the driveway and I won’t be trapped anymore!


  1. Shaarilla says:

    Our heater stopped working last year because our vent pipe got clogged with snow. We had no idea and paid a great deal to find this out. Perhaps?

  2. beforethedawn says:

    Sorry to hear you are having such troubles this winter. Yay for the hired men who will help get your car out. I know it really really sucks when the other roads are clear and you still cannot get out. Not a nice situation.

  3. Joell says:

    Suzanne, if your vent pipe is on the side of the house and gets snow covered it will not allow the furnace to run, we had that problem at our old house, come winter we would prop a piece of plywood againt the house to keep the snow away but stll allowed the fumes to vent away.
    Is your hot water heater still under warranty? If not, it is sure to be something simple given the fact it is so new…..lets hope so.

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