Hen Cooks Own Breakfast


The shelf-layer is back.
And she’s misbehaving.
But I have a surprise for her today! HA.


  1. jamiesan says:

    I can really commiserate with this story. When I had my back yard flock some would inevitably wait until roosting to lay an egg…..on the floor below. Needless to say, by morning light, the crew would be cleaning up…so to speak, haha. :hungry:
    I never did figure out how to keep them from laying in the evening but wish it was as easy a fix as yours. Love the ingenuity.

  2. cabynfevr says:

    Somehow this reminds me of what I had waiting for me yesterday morning. Five clyde mares share a run in that butts up to two stalls full of hay. A gate was put up to keep them out of the hay. One of them backed up to the gate and pooped into the hay stall! I think they were showing their displeasure of the gate. Wouldn’t be surprised to see chicken poop on that top shelf! :heart:

  3. Joell says:

    Good one Suzanne, that should slow her down, she may be able to fix her own eggs, but lets hope she doesnt fry her own chicken 😆

  4. Starfish says:

    too funny! She really likes that spot…..guess she WILL be surprised tomorrow……bet she’ll find a new spot….nearby 🙂

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