Herb Guard


This box bed is outside the fenced garden and exposed to the chickens and dogs. It’s planted with herbs and cabbage. Here’s hoping the wire keeps them out……. But I’m not going to get too attached.

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  1. Kathy in KY says:

    Neat way to protect your cabbages and herbs – I hope it works. And it looks like they’re coming along nicely. I’m glad to see you got your garden going this year. Hope you have a wonderful/bountiful harvest.

  2. CindyP says:

    I have been thinking, thinking, thinking of a way to keep the garden safe from the chickens when I let them out for free ranging (small yard — chicken pen and garden take up most of the room). I always stay out to supervise, but they are fast! They can be in there quicker than I can even think! I really want them to be able to be out in the yard, but I really want some food harvested from the garden too!

  3. Glasslass says:

    Cickens, well chickens go where chickens want to go. I have 4 raised beds and we put chicken wire down the first year but that is really a problem in weeding. This year I bought some 4 sided tomato cages and laid them flat. So far no dogs. I watch one of the dogs start to put her paw in and backed off fast. Good luck and overabundance.

  4. rileysmom says:

    That’s a good idea! Mr. Bunny has eaten the lobelia….front and back porch! And he’s digging in the basil……little stinker!!

  5. glenda says:

    That looks like it should work well.

    Grandma used branches from her roses or blackberries to lay across her beds of things. I do that too if I have any at the time.

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