Hitching Post Finds New Purpose


We do occasionally use the hitching post as a hitching post, but this morning Ross has been using it with a come-along to pull out a dent in the grill of his truck.

He’ll be home one more night, leaving tomorrow to head back to Norfolk. He’ll be going out to sea again, then his boat is going into dry dock in the shipyards in New Hampshire. Which means that next year, he’ll be moving farther away!


  1. Leck Kill Farm says:

    A dent in the new truck? Ouch!

  2. nursemary says:

    Are submarines “boats” or ships? Glad you had a nice visit. Surprise visits by son’s are so nice. It has been too long since I had one.


  3. brookdale says:

    Many years ago we lived in a housing development in Kittery, ME. The neighbors were mostly Naval Shipyard workers from the Portsmouth shipyard just down the road. It’s a nice area, lots to see and do there, not too far from Boston and Portland ME, beautiful beaches close by. If Ross likes to explore tell him to drive up into rural Maine, it’s a lot like WV except not so mountainous, and colder. And be sure to have a Maine lobster and Maine blueberry pie!

  4. daria says:

    I live in central Maine now, but I lived and worked in the Portsmouth, NH area for about 5 years. Portsmouth is one of my favorite cities – Ross will love it. The downtown is beautiful, and there is a thriving music scene. The food is great and shopping is tax-free. You should be sure to visit him, if you can take the time – you’ll love the area! I suggest the autumn, because there are so many tourists in the summer it can be difficult to deal with traffic and crowds.

  5. Linda Goble says:

    Looking at the pic. I thought you tied his truck up so he couldn’t leave. 😆 Pretty clever on tiring to get it out, hope it worked.

  6. Joell says:

    If his ship is in drydock maybe he will have more chances to come home, I hoe so. One nice thing is your children always find time to come home to visit with their Mom.

  7. patbecky89 says:

    I live in kittery!! He will be coming here. To the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. It is beutiful here, :snoopy: alot to do. Portsmouth is across the river. There is alot to do in the summer time!!Welcome Ross!!

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