Holiday for Cows


Odd animal. Giant head, small bum.

Okay, okay, that’s Beulah Petunia sticking her head out onto the goat porch while Glory Bee milks with her bum sticking out the door of the goat house.

By the way, that was actually the first time I’d ever seen BP go into the goat house. I thought she thought she was too big. But yesterday, she went in there and took a nap then later let Glory Bee nurse her in there.

Yesterday, after I milked BP, I just let Glory Bee go, let her run in the goat yard and milk mommy. Most of the time lately, I have been breaking Glory Bee by keeping her either tied or in the pen while I train her to lead. She has made amazing progress. The wild calf that was so rambunctious I had to drop a rope on her to save my life has become docile to a lead. I’m so excited! I can lead her around all by myself now and she doesn’t try to get away. She doesn’t know that she’s stronger than me anymore. I don’t like to keep her tied or penned every minute of her life, though. To be healthy, she needs some time to run and romp. And what good is it to have a calf if she can’t give me a day off? So I let her off after milking yesterday and will take today off milking and let Glory Bee take care of things. We’ll get her back in line and back to business tomorrow.

Besides, it’s Thanksgiving, and cows need family, too.


  1. Nancy in Iowa says:

    They are certainly a beautiful mother and daughter pair. I wish you and all of yours – 2- and 4-legged – a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Enjay says:

    GB gets a Thanksgiving feast too!
    Thank you for writing your blog, Suzanne. My family and I enjoy it so much!

  3. Patty says:

    Thank you for keeping with this blog all these years, it’s truly a part of my day. Happy Thanksgiving to all of y’all!

  4. Sheila Z says:

    That is one fat and sassy looking calf! Wonderful news on the 4-H calf project. BP is putting it all in the milk bucket. Or in this case the calf and the milk bucket. She is a good cow.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Sandy says:

    Very nice pair. I see a cow barn in your future.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Leah says:

    This great news! It really didnt take that long for you to get GB under control. :shimmy: Happy Thanksgiving Suzanne!

  7. Lori Skoog says:

    So glad you let them be together. Sounds like you have made real progress in the leading department. Have a great Thanksgiving, can’t wait to see your pictures!

  8. Johanna says:

    Aw, that’s lovely! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone!

  9. texwisgirl says:

    I know you are thankful to have GB under lead control! That’s wonderful! Glad you gave them some family time. What lovely ladies!!!

  10. nataliecyphers says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am sure that BP and GB are happy to have family time today too! :hungry:

  11. drucillajoy says:

    Beautiful..that first picture should be entered in a contest…it’s cool!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family…enjoy!

  12. Miss Becky says:

    Even Glory Bee’s bum is adorable. :yes: Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Suzanne. :hug:

  13. Deb says:

    I am thankful for this crazy lady in WV that writes a blog I LOVE! It keeps me laughing and is often the highlight of my day.

    She may not do things the same way I was shown growing up, but what makes those other “farmers” so right. 😆

    Hope you and yours have a GREAT day!

  14. Becky says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and those you love!

  15. IowaCowgirl says:

    My cows tell your cows “Happy Thanksgiving” and “Be glad we’re bovines and not poultry today”.

  16. sandra kelly says:

    My goodness ! You are making me want a cow.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you !

  17. Betty says:

    Have a great Thanks-giving Suzanne, that is too funny about Glory B, I always found when I was so beside myself trying to cope with animal problems I did not know what to do……….all of a sudden things started to get better. We in Canada already had our Thank-giving celebration a bit ago….but looking at all the yummy food etc….maybe next year I will celebrate with you on your Thanks-giving too…..

  18. Sonia says:

    Love the pic’s of Momma and her baby. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

  19. Annie says:

    I am so happy things are going well for BP and Glory Bee (and you, of course). Just another thing to be thankful for – Happy Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. Luann says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  21. Vicki in So. CA says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all – animals and family! :wave:

  22. Barbee' says:

    So many things to be thankful for! :snoopy:

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