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Yesterday, I had three teenagers (Morgan, Weston, and Weston’s girlfriend) begging for food, so I cooked and cooked and cooked. Usually, I prepare ahead of time when the kids come home so there is plenty of food ready for them, but after being gone for a week, there was nothing! Teenagers need to eat all the time.

You can find this chocolate cake recipe here. (It’s vegan, except I decided to sprinkle some chocolate chips on top then discovered the chocolate chips had milkfat in them. Weston’s girlfriend was okay with just scraping them off her piece.)


  1. Nancy in Iowa says:

    OOps – just realized I typed Wesley instead of Weston – and I know better! Please don’t let him read that!

  2. SkippyMom says:

    You’re a good Momma and scaping off a couple of chips didn’t hurt that cake one bit. Looks incredibly delicious.

  3. Jennifer Robin says:

    I remember those days. Teenagers, especially boys, can eat you out of house and home! Our son, now 28, complained to his dad about how much groceries cost him, to which his dad replied “You’re telling me? I had to feed you!”

  4. Tovah says:

    You are so kind to make special food for his girlfriend. My high school boyfriend’s mom was not fond of me at all because she thought I was “distracting” him from his studies. Like she didn’t put so much pressure on him that the poor kid needed a break. But anyway. That cake looks amazing and I love the way you did the frosting!

  5. CindyP says:

    Oh my! That cakes looks wonderful!

  6. Tabitha says:

    what a dear you are for making her vegan cupcakes!
    and what a devoted vegan she is to scrape off the chocolate chips! 🙂

  7. ~jackie says:

    Teenagers need to eat all the time! Boy, ain’t that the truth! Momma to twin boys, my favorite magnet for the fridge says:

    “Mealtime: when teenagers sit down to continue eating”

    That cake looks absolutely sinful. YUM and I’m not even a chocolate hound. 🙂

  8. Ulrike says:

    My DD was allergic to dairy for 6 years. My favorite chocolate pieces were Baker’s Semi-sweet Chunks (not chip-shaped) and Guittard Semi-sweet Real Chocolate Chips. The Baker’s are easier to find, but the Guittard chips have a perfect, creamy texture and a wonderful taste. I do think that both are made on equipment that processes dairy-containing products, if the potential for cross-contamination bothers her.

  9. Linda Goble says:

    What is the topping on your cake? I didn’t see that on the recipe of the chocolate cake. That looks great. My husband is vegan and he does not eat sugar.I will play with the sugar part, or he can just eat it.

  10. Eirwen says:

    Wow that girl must have some serious willpower to be a vegan in the south! I tried vegetarianism for a while and just couldn’t pull it off. Although to be perfectly honest, if left on my own to provide meat, I could never in a million years kill anything lol. The cake looks beautiful and your kids are lucky to have a mom who makes such lovely things for them and their friends!

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