Homemade Crazy Bread Bites


I’ve never had Little Ceasar’s Crazy Bread Bites, but I saw a commercial for them on TV and instantly craved them. MUST. HAVE. So I made some, homemade.
This was too dead simple to do a recipe post–it’s just garlic breadsticks, cut in pieces, then melting cheeses on top with diced jalapenos, crumbled bacon, and whatever else you want. And they’re delicious!

And truly, if you didn’t want to make the bread, you could use some bakery breadsticks, cut them in pieces, and do the same thing!


  1. Joell says:

    This is fantastic! I can tell what it will taste like by know the flavors that are in the recipe. What a perfect game day food or just a nice snack on a cold Winters day. I will keep some bread sticks in the freezer for a quick “put together”. Thank you for this post.

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