The Hot Spot


Precious knows the warmest spot in the house!

It’s still freezing here, and I’m still struggling with some winter issues. Hot water is actually running in the kitchen again, but the water isn’t hot. I don’t understand. I flipped the breaker on the hot water heater a couple times, thinking that might help even though it didn’t appear tripped, but that has made no difference. (The hot water heater is a new one that I had installed in November 2013. It’s electric.) The hot water faucets in the bathroom still aren’t running any water. There’s water coming up from below the floor in the bathroom (not a hurricane of water, just some, seeping up) so I’m wondering if there’s a broken pipe under there. The furnace hasn’t come on since the gas went off last week. It has an automatic pilot, so it’s not that the pilot needs to be lit. I’m not sure what the problem is there, but I’m really happy I had the gas wall heater installed this past fall because I have that and the wood stove for heat, along with some space heaters.

I know this will all get sorted out eventually, but I’m pretty preoccupied with it all at the moment.


  1. dalewestfallsgranddaughter says:

    I love Precious, but every time you refer to her, I think about Silence of the Lambs!

  2. wkyangel says:

    Sounds like the heating element may have burned out in the water heater. Even though it is fairly new, it happens sometimes. The water seeping up thru the floor in the bathroom, maybe the wax seal under the toilet is leaking if it is just a slow leak. Is there water lines under the floor where the leak is? Sometimes you can hear a hissing sound if you have a leak. The furnace has a trip switch that you can reset it with. I learned this trick last year. I hope this helps. God bless your heart!

  3. brookdale says:

    Suzanne, Sorry to hear of all your heat problems! I wonder…is your new hot water heater still under warranty? If it is, they’ll fix or replace it for free.
    And, do you have a red switch for your furnace somewhere? Looks like a regular wall light switch but it’s an emergency switch (red) for the furnace. If you do, just flip it back on. It should reset it.
    Good luck!I’m glad you still have gas heat and lots of wood…

  4. MousE says:

    Suzanne, what Brookdale said, there should be a red switch in a box by or on the furnace. What make of furnace is it?

    Here are a couple of links:

    Or you could do what I would do, and call the repairman. 😀

  5. MousE says:

    Oops, didn’t realize I shouldn’t post comments with links.

    Anyway, I tried posting links to troubleshooting steps but then I concluded by saying, “Do what I would do and call the repair company.”

    Good luck, Suzanne, it’s time for winter to ease her grip on you!

  6. Leck Kill Farm says:

    Ditto to the red furnace switch, I need to flip that at our cabin to reset our gas furnace. The pilot should come on but it doesn’t.

    Water seeping up and no hot water from the faucets? Check to see if a broken pipe is spraying water on to the underside of your bathroom floor. This is something you would want to turn off ASAP. And when you get the pipes fixed, have the plumber put in a shut off valve if you don’t already have one for those bathroom lines.

  7. Sherie says:

    Sorry to hear that winter has attacked you. We have had a great time at Stoney Creek Cottage other than a bit of trouble with heat. 6 more inches this morning of the fluffy stuff. Daughter going on 2 weeks out of school…becoming monotonous! Hope things are on the upturn for you!

  8. Joell says:

    Oh Dear! You have certainly had your share of issues this winter. Your water heater or parts there of should still be under waranty.
    I am glad you have little Precious to take you mind off things a bit.

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