Chickens taking shelter from the rain yesterday.


  1. Andrea.tat says:

    They think if they look pitiful enough you will let them have the dog food.

  2. Miss Judy says:

    “A choice of shelter in the time of storm is a lot different than in a time quiet rest…”

  3. lattelady says:

    Actually, they are quietly pecking away at the wall. Hoping to work their way into the dog food. 😉

  4. Flowerpower says:

    Tails down, head up! Doesnt take long to make a chicken look bedraggled! :happyflower:

  5. nursemary says:

    They love that studio Suzanne. I’ll bet it gets turned into a chicken coop! And a darling one at that!

  6. ticka1 says:

    Still no snow for you? Those chickens are plotting a takeover of the studio!

  7. holstein woman says:

    Well, I think the chickens just had an instant to decide where to hide from the storm and that was the closest place.
    Maybe you should give them cookies like the goats. Are you still giving the goats their cookies?????????????????????????

  8. wvhomecanner says:

    I can relate! I was doing the same under an umbrellas up here. It was COLD rain :reindeer:

  9. Miz Carmen says:

    “Ok, so here’s the plan. We wait till Suzanne unlocks the door. Then Liz here will provide a distraction by shrieking that there’s a fox in the barn, and we two will nip in and grab the dog food while she’s off investigating. Just make sure you keep her occupied long enough for us to get the bag out… maybe we ought to get a goat involved?”

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