I Always Wanted Two of Me


The forum mascot is making the rounds. Mini-Me, Mini-Coco, Mini-Clover, and Mini-Mean Rooster arrived at Stringtown Rising Farm. See what happened when I tried to get her to do chores. Get the story and photos here: The Adventures of Suzanne, Coco, Clover, and Mean Rooster.


  1. B. Ruth says:

    Little Suz’ says….“While here may I have your undivided attention please“…..and

    I stand on this yellow soap box…..errr….bucket to pass the “whisper “ that I promised “B.Ruth,” to mean “Roo”! Now, I notice that mean Roo aka ‘Cock of the walk’ aka ‘Whats his face’ is not present, except in mini form….so “Red” listen up and pass it on! Hey, can someone make a little more room for Pocahontas…!Gosh, you’d think I had a cookie or something! ..Yes, Annabelle sweetie, I know you’re listening!
    So here goes…psss, psss, psss, pss.. And then, pss, pss, pss,..“Grandma“..pss, pss pss, with a big stick and pss, pss, pss, round and round, pss, pss, pss, they went…and it was over, pss, “Oh Lordy,” pss, pss, pss and years later, pss, pss, pss, came back, pss, pss, as ‘mean Roo’ soooo pss, pss, let this be, pss, pss,..lesson…pss, pss,pss…and that’s it…so now you all know……Thank you for your time,……..

    PS….thank you mini Suz…..
    PS….I know how hard it would have been for big Suz’ to pass on a “whisper” to mean Roo!
    PS….now if he will just heed the story for the third time……

  2. Marlene says:

    I just love visiting your blog and living vicariously through your stories and photos. I linked back to your blog today as I (and another blogger) made your grandmother bread. Check it out if you get the chance.

    Country Girl on the Chesapeake Bay

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