I Can Explain


She’s very powerful!


  1. lizzie says:

    Oh no a goat in the house? she looks like she is right at home! maybe after the cookie jar? :sheepjump:

  2. Canner Joann says:

    Who’s that standing in the doorway ready to join her?

  3. Granny Trace says:

    :sun: I think she wants some cookies now!
    Happy Fall
    Granny Trace


  4. KellyWalkerStudios says:

    What the heck? So they have found a new house!!!

  5. wildcat says:

    Did the cat open the door to let the goats in? L :bugeyed:

  6. mamajoseph says:

    No need to explain. Our goat (even calves) would just walk right in if you didn’t keep the door shut. Funny things, gotta love ’em.

  7. CindyP says:

    Going to the direct source of the cookies…the kitchen!

  8. holstein woman says:

    Well it was enevitable some day it had to happen! First the cat opens the door and now the goats. Go for the cookie jar girls.

  9. lemniskate says:

    Slippery slope! Slippery slope! You better stash a spare set of keys or a sleeping bag in the chicken house, because this is just the first step to them taking the house and locking you out! 😀 Clover wants to make her OWN cheese, you see…. :sun:

  10. Flowerpower says:

    She is scoping out a spot to spend the winter or she has an accomplice who is holding the door and they are looking for cookies.
    I think the latter is probably it. Just so they don’t poop on the floor or sleep in your bed! :bugeyed: :happyflower:

  11. mamajoseph says:

    Maybe a new blog…”Goats in the Living Room.”

  12. Jersey Lady says:

    So,please explain already. We need the end of this story.

  13. Chickenlady62 says:

    I’ve had several of my girls (chickens) follow me into the mud room, hop up 3 steps and make it all the way into the laundry room before I knew they were behind me. Stealth mode at it’s best. :duck:

  14. whaledancer says:

    Tsk, I was afraid it would come to this one day. She bribed Spice to open the door, didn’t she?

    I’m afraid she’s plotting to be the one in charge of the cookies. “She who controls cookies controls the world!” Don’t turn your back.

  15. Debbie in PA says:

    Oh, this made me laugh! They got wind of the remodeling you were doing downstairs and thought it would make a good winter quarters for them!

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