I Have to Draw the Line Somewhere


And it’s here. Little’s search for circular objects led him most recently to a pie plate sitting out on the counter. From an upper counter we use as a bar and the (abandoned) fruit bowl, he has progressed to a real cooking counter and a pie plate.

Time to find him a basket…ON THE FLOOR.

He’s awfully cute, though, isn’t he?


  1. Tracey In Paradise Pa. says:

    :woof: Little is quite the Stinker..I love stinkers!!

  2. basicliving says:

    Little is a gorgeous cat! And I KNOW you were kidding about that basket on the floor thing, right? Unless it was HIS idea, I imagine we’re going to continue to see pictures of him in plates and bowls 😉 But that’s one of the things I just love about cats.

  3. monica says:

    And a basket by the door on the porch so the hens lay their eggs for you there! You might just find a cat in the basket someday sleeping with a hen–wouldn’t that make a cute picture for the next year calendar?! :shimmy: :yes:

  4. Beth says:

    He looks just like my kitty Talula. She has a thing for anything paper, you put a bag or box down on any surface, and she’s drawn to it like a magnet, and there’s no stopping her.

  5. Shells says:

    Too funny ….. I love your cat pictures. I am too allergic to them to have one so its nice I can live vicarioiusly through yours.

  6. Victoria says:

    :shocked: Spose he’s needin’ some lovin?

  7. Donna says:

    Cutest thing in the world…well, Coco is THE cutest..but 2nd cutest. LOL That is sooo precious! Yes, find that baby a basket!(though she’ll prob. ignore it and still sleep in the pie plate). LOL

  8. Cecelia says:

    Your cat pictures have led to the adoption of a kitten in our household. I wanted a Clover, a Pocohontas or a GIANT PUPPY. Dear ol’ hubby said 2 dogs were enough in our household at this time and we weren’t sure how our shepherd would do with another dog. She is a shelter rescue and even after 7 years with us she is still quite protective/jealous of me loving on anything other than the regular people in the house. Anyway, my youngest was begging for a kitten and dear old hubby said a kitten would be fine (he has always been a kitten kind of guy).

    This little 1/2 pound furball has us all enamoured. EVEN the shepherd, Roxi. He pounces on her, climbs across her and they both pester the snot out of each other. The beagle just kind of watches….the little whippersnapper is a brat according to him.HA
    So for now we have Skeeter Derek Jeter and Clover#2, Pocohontas#2 and Giant Puppy#2 will have to wait a few more years.

    Again, love your blog!!


  9. Tink says:

    Very cute! One thing cats don’t accept real well are boundaries. Ours will nap in the playpen when the toddlers are up. Seems he knows they can’t reach him there.

  10. Michele says:

    I would probably set a new bowl out every day just so he could enjoy the variety. I am a sucker for cute moments. :woof:

  11. Ulrike says:

    I used to have a cat who loved to sleep in the bathroom sink! He didn’t really CARE if you turned on the water, either.

  12. Helen says:

    Hmmm…he wouldn’t be testing you, would he, just to see how much you’ll let him get away with? Nooo…cats don’t do that kind of thing, do they 😉

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