I See Melting


I’m starting to see the ground again! Okay, at least a little bit…. We’re supposed to have a warm-up and big melt toward the end of the week (which will probably also mean river and creek flooding). I’m trying to talk Fanta into having her babies this weekend during the warm spell. Before she blows up.

She hasn’t made any promises so far.


  1. Lynne says:

    Oh my! She looks like a parade float! :bugeyed:

  2. T says:

    watch for barometric pressure change, human babies are born then..which happens at weather change

  3. Urbanite says:

    Are you able to tell whether she is having twins? Or do you have to wait and see?

  4. Jersey Lady says:

    Oh my,Fanta looks ready to pop. We moms can sympathize with our pregnant animals.

  5. Katheine Jenson says:

    :snoopy: Wow..poor baby! If she starts cleaning the goat house, you know it is just around the corner! lol

  6. Ramona says:

    She’s gonna pop if she doesn’t have them soon!

  7. texwisgirl says:

    Feed Fanta a few Mentos and she’ll explode for sure! 🙂 She’s such a cute fat little thing!

  8. Laura B says:

    OMG!!! SHe is huge! Dont tell her though, no expecting mother wants to hear that! 😉

  9. IowaCowgirl says:

    I think she has lost her girlish figure.

  10. Grammie Earth says:

    Fanta IS lookiing a bit chunky, AND content with her own anticipation!
    I can hardly wait for more Stringtown baby pics!

  11. Luann says:

    How many babies do you think? It looks like more than 1 to me! :snoopy:

  12. Nancy Stickler says:

    Holy cow! She is huge…I hope they’re little girly goats this time!

  13. Donna Mc says:

    That’s not a goat,…that’s a SPACE STATION! YIKES!

    Twins or Triplets is the question. Bless her bloated little goat heart.

  14. Nona says:

    :bugeyed: WOW glad I amnot her! She looks like she is having 2 or 3 babies!! Good luck hope all come through well.

  15. Angela says:

    Hey Suzanne!

    She looks like she is going to explode! :bugeyed:

    Happy New Year!
    Angela :wave:

  16. princessvanessa says:

    I think Fanta has her own zip code now.

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