I’m Back!


I’m slowly making my way back to the land of the living! I’m still cleaning up the studio and the farm here, but just wanted to let you know that I’m alive. These two photos were sent to me by Paul Young. Here I am in one of the superhero capes that were being passed out at the party:

And here on the hay wagon, left to right (front), CindyP, me, Blyss. Back row–behind my head–Dede (wvhomecanner) and standing to the right, Kelly Walker.

This was right around the time the tractor battery died, but luckily we got it going long enough to run kids around in the wagon a couple times! (Apparently, I need a new tractor battery.)

The party was great, the retreat was great, and the people were even greater. More coming asap!


  1. wvhomecanner says:

    YAY! Likin that picture of ME HAHAHA!

  2. SarahGrace says:

    Super FARMER!!!

  3. CarrieJ says:

    Awesome!! I’ve been getting to view pictures posted on Facebook…it looked like a really really great time!

  4. jeannieq says:

    Now that I see this picture I know how you get so much done! You can just see the energy vibrating as you twirl around with your caffiene loaded coffee in your hand! Looks absolutely fantastic! You make me think about the times I’ve looked at little children running around playing and said “I wish you could bottle that energy and take a spoonful daily.” Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  5. ibpallets (Sharon B.) says:

    Hmmmmm….Looks like y’all broke out the good tea after we left! LOL!!!! We had such a wonderful time! Already looking forward to next year!

    Sharon B., VA

  6. holstein woman says:

    What great fun, still would like to come some year.

  7. fowlers says:

    What fun!! I wish I was able to come:::looks like you all had great fun!!! I was home, canning away:::14 quarts of beef stew: yum::can’t wait to see all your pictures::

  8. pugwaggin says:

    It was a fabulous weekend with fabulous women. Thank you and all involved in the planning and hard work creating such a great retreat. I learned so much and met so many talented women. My daughter and I can’t wait to see you all next year.

  9. Rainn says:

    :sheepjump: where to begin suzanne!!! Thank you for everything!! The party was wonderful!! Your farm is perfect! Everything and more then I’d hoped for! Tge barn*animals*your home*studio~ wonderful ! Happiness that u so deserve!! :duck: :duck:

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