Important Note


Animals, getting ready for the celebration.

My dearest readers and friends, it’s going to be completely impossible for me to post for a few days. COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE. When I return, my next post will explain everything.

(I apologize for the delay and the mystery. I trust that you will understand. It won’t be long now. Thank you for bearing with me.)


  1. Mandys says:

    I’m so anxious to know whats going on. It sounds so exciting. I miss the posts!

  2. Cheryl LeMay says:

    We’ll all be anxiously waiting.

  3. morningstar says:

    It will be soooo good to hear from you again with all your news. We are all be busting at the seams with the excitment of having you back and learning all about the great mystery. xxx

  4. djbrown says:

    Waiting patiently :happyfeet:

    Ok, may not patiently, but waiting….. Hope you have fun!

  5. CATRAY44 says:

    Waiting and wondering here, too! :happyfeet:

  6. Snapper119 says:

    Cannot wait to have this mystery unraveled! I’m thinking along the lines of a wedding of some sort….

  7. Diane says:

    A celebration :snoopy: Cant wait to hear all about it!

  8. Murphala says:

    :happyfeet: Can’t wait! Luckily it’s almost as much fun to read through the all the old posts that I haven’t read yet. 😀

  9. marymac says:


  10. Heidi533 says:

    GAHHH!!! You’re killin’ me over here. I keep trying to figure it out, but I’m clueless. Good luck with whatever it is. I’ll be checking in daily, as usual. :sheep:

  11. [email protected] says:


  12. MrsObe says:

    I think Suzanne has taken classes in mass marketing. This is better than the lead up to that teen vampire/love-story movie that just came out.

    Just imagine us waiting as if for that super store – faces against our screens, hands tapping, chanting (the internet version of) “open open open”

    Hope whatever she’s doing she’s safe and enjoying her journey.

  13. MrsB says:

    Wedding – that’s what I think….congrats – no matter what!

  14. melonhead says:

    I’m thinking surgery or something here…. just hope all is well and you are OK. Anxiously awaiting your return!

  15. Miss Judy says:

    I was thinking wedding too…hers? One of her kids. Suzanne, all of us chicks are verrrrry curious.;-) What ever it is… we wish you only the best!

  16. wildcat says:

    Suzanne, can’t wait to hear the big news! You’re such a tease! :yes:

  17. cndymkr says:

    My only hope is that everything is ok. I wil be checking back frequently so I don’t miss the announcement.

  18. ticka1 says:

    I am thinking wedding and honeymoon too. Just my WAG. After 3 days I’m gonna throw a tantrum! LOL Enjoy and like someone said I will find old posts to go back and read again during your time away.

  19. WV Sue says:

    I keep looking at the above picture with all of the farm animals decked out in festive party gear so I’m surmising it must be a happy celebration of sorts.

  20. thistlewoodmanor says:

    So, they butchered all the chickens, Suzanne is giving away lots of books, she’s too busy to post……my guess is that they are moving, and she won’t have internet for a few days.

  21. whaledancer says:

    I’m not even going to try to guess. I’m just relieved to see that the gang is getting ready for a celebration, so it’s not bad news. Enjoy your mystery preparations, whatever they are. I’ll be glad when you’re back with us. :turtle:

  22. Ramona Slocum says:

    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving. We have many blessings to be thankful for.

  23. rileysmom says:

    I’m sure your surprise is worth the wait……enjoy keeping us in suspense!

  24. Dottie says:


    All these mixed emotions ! ! !

    I’m sure hoping that the sad & bad & worn out wasn’t too BAD!

    And the happy & good & rejuvenated is really GOOD!

    I’ll be relieved when I know that all is well with you and your family.

    I’m really looking forward to finding out what you’ve been up to
    Suzanne and can’t wait to start enjoying the journey.

  25. Auntie Linda says:

    Wishing you and yours the best possible outcome for whatever it is. If we don’t hear from you by T-Day, here’s hoping you have a wonderful day!

  26. leneskate says:

    Love the Picture!! So happy you have exciting news! I think its a book type deal. Time will tell.

  27. jmac says:

    Looks like a celebration!! I think (hope) it’s a tv deal!! Reality Show: Chickens In The Road!!!!

  28. holstein woman says:

    The photo is cuter than cute!
    I have a “real bad” case of gloom when you don’t post. I know the wait will be worth it when it happens.
    NOW HEAR THIS!!! Personally I’m against you getting married and I think the children are too wrapped up in Navy and Collage to even consider marriage. Well, Morgan is out of the question, she is just too young even for a West Virgina “farm girl”. I am only against you getting married because I did 4 1/2 years ago and even though it is “good”, there are things I like to do that don’t fit into his plans. It is NONE of my business and I will be happy you are back either way. Love you LOTS

  29. lattelady says:

    I can hold my breath until Monday. I am hoping it is farm stuff.
    But anything which makes you and yours happier, I will enjoy.
    I am missing, a LOT, the postings on the cows and the goats.

  30. marymac says:

    Hmmmmmmm. I ;ove trying to guess. It is taking her away for a while. She is so dedicated to this blog so it has to be something BIG!! A while back I sent her name in to the Martha Stewart show and suggested she have her on her show, so who knows, maybe. That or a honeymoon I’d say.. We should have a contest!

  31. Izzy says:

    Wedding? Engagement? 21st? It would have to be something really big to keep away for so long Suzanne. Can’t wait to find out.

  32. Spiderjohn says:

    Mariah is pregnant so she and Weston are getting married. Or…
    Ross has met somebody and he is coming home to get married.

  33. Vicki in So. CA says:

    As I recall, when Suzanne first hinted about this big mystery she said it would change the website forever. I’m thinking it has nothing to do with weddings or babies, but rather a complete revamp of the site. It could take a few days to work out all the glitches if there’s a big changeover taking place. Not sure if it makes it impossible to post. Could be. Dunno. Like everyone else, though, the suspense is killing me! Oh, you’re good, Suzanne. :happyfeet:

  34. yvonnem says:

    :heart: The only thing I know for sure, is that I miss you!!! Please be OK and come back to us soon! :heart:

  35. Vicki in So. CA says:

    I just re-read this post:
    “There are things going on right now and I can’t take pictures.
    There are things going on right now and I can’t tell you.
    There are things going on and I am sad and happy and worn out and rejuvenated. There are things going on that are unexpected and yet known, unanticipated yet inevitable. Bad yet good. In the end–good.
    Please bear with me. For the next weeks, especially, as posting may be even lighter as I complete preparations. I have news and so much to show you and tell you, but I can’t just yet. November will be a wild ride. Please keep coming–because one day, within the next few weeks, I will be able to tell you. And show you.”

    Suzanne, you gave just enough clues to really befuddle us. Whatever it is, I wish you the very best. And happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.

  36. CarrieJ says:

    You’re killing me…

  37. CarrieJ says:

    I like that reality TV show idea…..I LOVE reality TV!! 🙂

  38. lavenderblue says:

    It’s that whole “sad and happy” thing that confuses me. Unless it is two different events. I guess we’ll know soon enough. Whatever it is, I hope that the “happy” far outweighs the “sad”.

  39. holstein woman says:

    Well, I guess you’re not getting married, because there is nothing sad and happy about marriage. It is either both or don’t do it….So wait,,,wait,,,,.

  40. Liz says:

    Hummmmm – I think Suzanne is going to be a “GRANDMOTHER” :snoopy:
    THE GREAT MYSTERY soon to be Announced. Can’t WAIT!

    HURRY…..HURRY…..HURRY :snoopy: :snoopy: :snoopy:

  41. MousE says:

    I loves a good mystery! Suzanne, I think you should switch to writing mysteries, you’re quite good at maintaining suspense. Can’t wait to hear the news, and it looks like good news, what with the party hats and all. 😆

  42. farmershae says:

    DAH! This is just killing me!!!!!! While I love the idea of reality tv farm, since we don’t have tv anymore, I would be missing out on too much!!!! I’m just glad all the animals have their party clothes on!

  43. Raiquee says:

    I was also thinking Mariah was pregnant and her and Weston were getting married. Thats what I first thought. I highly doubt Suzanne is moving, she butchered those chickens because they were meat roos, intended for that purpose.

    I am unsure how a new little one and a wedding would change the site forever, buuuut it is a new addition to the farm…so maybe thats it?

    Maybe shes getting a herd of beef cattle 😆

    Stay well Suzanne!!

  44. WvSky says:

    It’s bigger than any wedding. It’s bigger than any website change. It’s going to be more special than anything ever seen here! ( how’s that? ) hahaha… :snoopy:

  45. JOJO says:

    :happyflower: Dear Suzanne, whatever it is,please let the end result be happy and long lasting.

  46. Marla says:

    What can create the emotions of opposites that you describe? You are moving to a farm with a barn?

  47. Rose H says:

    I’m certainly intruiged! 😉

  48. marymac says:

    Now if she gets married her last name would change . Therefore it would change the name on this website, forever.

  49. rainn says:

    :snoopy: :snoopy: :snoopy: Barn!! definitely gotta be a barn! She wouldn’t move from her farm-worked too hard for what she has there! :duck: As long as there’s a celebration then its good-so I’m relieved and happy for you and yours Suzanne :sheepjump:
    P.S. No one has mentioned maybe you being the pregnant one ! :shimmy: whoooo…….fell down on that one!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving all on the farm!! :happyflower:

  50. WvSky says:

    There once was a lady with grace,
    who live near the old family place,
    Her life took a turn,
    But there’s no concern,
    It’s something you’ll all soon embrace! :snoopy:

  51. Pete says:

    Well, let’s just all get our party hats out, shall we?

    Standing by. Hat in hand. :happyflower:

  52. Linda Goble says:

    Maybe Suzanne is busy building a barn with all those pallets she kept getting. Will wait patiently but will be hard to do. :sun:

  53. Flowerpower says:

    Me and a bunch more are waiting….this should be good!!! :happyflower:

  54. wildcat says:

    I’ve been wracking my brain, and I cannot imagine what in the world is so huge that it would change this website forever. All I know is, the suspense is KILLING me! LOL :snoopy:

  55. Andrea.tat says:

    Soooo much suspense. I’m dying! I need you in the mornings to make it through work, luckily the suspense you have built up is more than enough to keep me going in place of posts, but ahhh! So excited.

    I hope all is well on the farm and that the epic things that are going on are going smoothly!

  56. foofeee says:

    I was reading all the comments and then one from Suzanne posted! Yippeee! Now I can’t wait for the posts, the suspense is killing me! :happyflower:

  57. cabynfevr says:

    SUZANNE!!! SERIOUSLY!!!! I am having major withdrawal!!!!!!!!!!! :hissyfit:

  58. bimmy says:

    I’m with Rainn (#50). Suzanne is pregnant! LOL!

  59. nursemary says:

    I have it figured out!

    Suzanne’s road is being paved all the way up to the house. Under the road they are putting de-icing equipment to keep them snow and ice free. Huge steel bridges are being built across the river fords. Reclaimed covered bridges from New England have been placed on the steel frames. They are covered in worn barn red paint and have cupolas with old copper weathervanes on top. The tires will make a clip-clop sound as the car passes through the covered part of the bridge. Motion sensor lights will come on to guide Suzanne through the darkness. I GOT THIS!

  60. Blyss says:

    Of all the replies, I LOVE Nursemary’s best!
    I think this has something to do with her desire to have farm stays/teaching her skills… paying forward her knowledge, so to speak. Since she is such an amazing writer, maybe she received a grant to make this dream a reality?
    But yes, this is pretty much killing this curious cat! LOL

  61. Linda Goble says:

    OH my!!!!!!!!! just re reading the part where she said explain everything and when you go to the site its pink or blue. She must be having a baby and she is teasing us if it is a boy or girl. She is cleaning out to get ready for a new baby. This is getting nerve wrecking on us. You need to tell real real soon. I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!! :hissyfit: :happyflower: :sun: 😀

  62. wvhomecanner says:

    Wellll, I saw all the aforementioned CiTR ‘wimmens’ back in September. There were no buns in the oven unless they were in their pockets! I think the only preggers female there is Cookie Doe….


  63. yvonnem says:

    I hope you let us know REAL soon, ’cause I’m about to pop! :bugeyed:

  64. Pete says:

    And Cookie Doe ain’t talkin’ neither!

  65. Blyss says:

    I believe this announcement might involve a barn… a red one… with white fencing… JUST LIKE the one she has on her main page with the caption of “Welcome to the Farm!” I also think it might involve a certain pasture gate she noted awhile back, stating how much she really liked that gate?
    I am DYING to know though, because if it does involve the barn and gate, I want to have all the blanks filled in too! LOL
    Is it time to tell yet? :yes:

  66. WvSky says:

    And the countdown begins…. :sun:

  67. MMHoney says:

    Ha…If a red barn is on your wish list!!!! Just leave the gate open and I will see that one is delivered to you….

  68. cabynfevr says:

    It’s been three days, AHHHHHHHHH :shocked:

  69. Blyss says:

    Ha ha… MMHoney, a red barn like that IS on my wish list, and I will leave my gate open… but I bet it would be a bit costly to deliver it all the way to Michigan! Thanks though!

  70. quietstorm says:

    James…. you are NOT helping…. :shocked:
    where’s that toe tapping icon….
    ack….. how much longer?!?!?!?!

  71. Leck Kill Farm says:

    My thoughts ran to grandbaby. To me the kids are “too young” so I could see how a mother might be a little sad about the timing but happy about it in end.

    I am dying to know!

  72. Linda Goble says:

    Were still waiting Suzanne. How much Longer!!!!!!!! DO I sound like a little kid whining. :wave:

  73. MMHoney says:

    ATTENTION: BLYSS. Don’t look a “Gift” horse in the mouth. “Great thinks come in small pakgs. If you want a barn I will consider your order. Don’t rush me. I’m not over the hill but I’m moving that way. Considering the rain Suzanne may need a boat. First things first……..


  74. marymac says:

    She’s getting married and is pregnate!!!!!!! I can’t wait to find out, it’s got to be something like that!

  75. jmac says:

    After going back on posts, there is that “Big” Blue and Pink “hint”… In my book, “Either Pink or Blue” means, baby. So even though I would MUCH prefer a tv deal, I’m leaning towards baby time in her family.

  76. Blyss says:

    MMHoney… how DO you hide those wings all day from us mere mortals? *grins* I would never look a gift in any way except gratefulness! Thanks for being so supportive of Suzanne! *hugs*

  77. yvonnem says:

    I know Suzanne is flooded in (or out) now…take care! :hug:

  78. Blyss says:

    Yeah, I am sure there will be a delay in her announcement with all the water they have… the pictures of Spencer are scary!

  79. holstein woman says:

    If nothing else, Suzanne must be rolling on the floor in laughter over our trying to guess. I actually suppose she is just peeing her pants about right now.

  80. brookdale says:

    My guess would be, Suzanne’s father is moving in with them. No one else has mentioned that??? Whatever it is, I wish them all the best! Happy Thanksgiving!

  81. wildcat says:

    I don’t know how much longer I can stand to wait! I need to know what’s going on! Is it time to tell us yet??? :happyfeet: :happyfeet: :happyfeet:

  82. WvSky says:

    The flooding in the area (actually about a 100 mile square area) “might” set things back just a bit, but not by much. Hang on! :yes:

  83. Cousin Sheryl says:

    I know that Suzanne is experiencing Internet connection issues. Hang in there! Hopefully, this issue will be resolved TODAY and she can put you all out of your misery. BTW, the water is down this morning….water was really high last night. We were flooded in here at the old farmhouse.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  84. foofeee says:

    Thank you cousin Sheryl! The suspense is driving me further insane! :hissyfit:

  85. cabynfevr says:

    And you were at the old farmhouse why???? hmmmm, just don’t tell me she moved! I can’t believe she would give up the beautiful painting on the basement wall so recently added along with her to die for view!

  86. Raiquee says:

    I also believe shes peeing her pants laughing at our sad guesses right about now also.

    I. can’t. take. much. more. of. this.

    I have to leave for work in 30 min! Hurry!!!

  87. Heidi533 says:

    I have been checking this more times a day than I’d like to admit. The suspense is KILLING ME! We need to know!

    I’m thinking, barn, human baby on the way and maybe a wedding all in one.

  88. quietstorm says:

    Suzanne this is torture!!!! pure TORTURE!!!!

    Hoping everyone is ok, safe and warm & the internet connection is back up soon!!!!

  89. WvSky says:

    When the announcement has been officially made, I have something to show you all that you’ll enjoy. :yes:

  90. Anita says:

    I’m thinking the Mariah/Weston thing might be right. Or maybe Ross has found someone and is expecting. But I will admit I’ve been checking back here quite often, can’t wait to see a new post! :woof:

  91. nursemary says:

    OK, maybe my guess about the road being paved and the covered bridges is wrong. Here’s my new guess. I read PW too. When she blogged about a room that needed decorating in her home, HGTV flew the Novagratz out to do the job over a four day period of time. Maybe someone saw the posts about Suzanne’s downstairs and they decided to come and finish the job for her! Stranger things have happened and I guessed it right about PW too.

    Anyway, is suspense good for the heart or bad?

  92. Mandys says:

    I must admit I’ve been coming here countless times a day hoping for a new post. The suspense is killing me!!

  93. yvonnem says:

    Me too, on the checking in multiple times a day! (You’d think I didn’t have a life of my own!) I still have two thoughts about what is going on…#1 was the first big thing she couldn’t/wouldn’t tell us about, which may be something going on with her house (maybe there really is a TV show remodel involved, who knows?) #2 “The Unexpected Event”, happy, sad thing…I think has to be an unexpected pregnancy. I mean, gee, just look at photos of Mariah and Weston, those two are totally in love!

    Well, we will all have to continue to be patient, and as someone commented earlier, she probably has gotten a big laugh out of all of us trying to guess what is going on! Most importantly, we want all to be well at Stringtown Rising! :heart: :hug:

  94. DeniseG says:

    It was just announced that MTV is going to do a reality show about WV teens in that area. Maybe they are including Morgan or Weston? It would make sense that Suzanne wouldn’t be allowed to announce it. Just a guess :happyflower:

  95. MMHoney says:

    Have a BLESSED HOLIDAY (One and all)

  96. VaGirl2 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving one and all!!!

  97. VaGirl2 says:

    Ok…I REALLY miss Beulah Petunia and the bad baby posts…just sayin’…

  98. jan n tn says:

    Isn’t it about time for Poky to have her baby(s)?
    And Cookie-Doe too! We miss you Suzanne, hurry up now so we’ll all recover from these DT’s that you’ve caused…WE NEED OUR CITR FIX !!!
    Hope everyone has a happy/safe holiday.
    Give your family members hugs, and each stranger a big smile.

  99. WvSky says:

    A Chickens In The Road reality show would be good! :yes:

  100. DebbieInMemphis says:

    Hoping, praying, waiting ever so patiently *refresh* *refresh* *refresh* *refresh* *refresh*

    Wishing all the CITR family near and far a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Safe travels to all those on the roads this weekend. We’ve all got to get back here safely so we can get the BIG announcement 🙂

  101. Jane L says:

    I am really quite excited to find out what this is about! I will have to be patient I guess. In the meantime, have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving with your family! Thanks for all you do.. xx

  102. cabynfevr says:

    I won’t have much chance to check the computer tomorrow so I want to wish you all a happy, healthy, family and love filled Thanksgiving! Hurry back Suzanne!

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