In My Continuing Saga of Discovering Fire


I’ve gone grateless! A number of you recommended this method and the Powers-That-Be at last decided it should be tried! I like it. (The fire in this photo is not the best example of fire-building technology. Bear with me.) I had a hard time at first as the logs kept flopping around in there whenever I poked at them with no grate to keep them in place! Very frustrating. I’m getting better–and I do prefer it without the grate, so I will keep at it. I find it easier to start and maintain the fire without a grate, and it’s easier to bank the fire to hold it overnight or if I have to go out for a few hours because I can put more wood in there. I can also use bigger logs. I like it. It’s just a new kink in my learning curve!


  1. Sara says:

    Suzane, by the end of the winter you will be a fire making pro!

  2. Tracey In Paradise,Pa. says:

    :woof: I know the feeling with the fire saga..Sometimes I get it to fire right up and burn all day..Other days the hubbie comes home and says what no fire..After many tries!! UGH!!

  3. Sarah says:

    I am getting so envious of all your fire-building posts. We moved to a house without a fireplace a little over a year ago. We miss it so much!! Granted, we live near Savannah, GA and rarely need a fire but we sure do LOVE a good fire when it turns cold enough. My Hubby taught me how to build a good fire (former boy scout) and I got pretty proficient at it after much practice. On the really really cold days Hubby would bring the wood close to the house before he left for work and I would get the fire going first thing in the morning. It would burn and burn and burn all day long. SO WONDERFUL!!!! Geez!! I miss our fireplace!!

  4. Rick Maitri says:

    AHTHRA! Had to throw the “Quest for Fire” word for “fire” in there!
    I’m not worried about the spelling, because after all, they were cave people!

  5. Chic says:

    Yeay Suzanne…you went grateless!!!! Smart girl. You’ve come a long way in a short time and it won’t be long until you’re a pro at lighting and maintaining a fire. Way to go! :hungry2: (pitchfork!)(you didn’t have a poker)

  6. Miss Becky says:

    oh yes, it didn’t occur to me to suggest removing the grate, but I have never used a grate in my woodstove. your fire looks inviting, wish I was sitting in front of it right now :yes:

  7. jason says:

    This is the third winter we’ve been in our house with a fireplace and the first season we’ve used it. That darn thing frustrates the heck out of me. Last weekend I was able to get and keep it burning all day, nice and hot. Last night, no luck at all. Not sure it’s worth all the trouble (finding and cutting/chopping wood) but it sure is nice when it’s burning.

  8. Angela says:

    Hey Suzanne!

    I learned something new! :shimmy: :shimmy: :shimmy: :shimmy: I didn’t know you could go grateless in a woodstove. :grinch:

    Angela :wave:

  9. MissWiniW says:

    So jealous of your wood fire. Had one in the house I grew up in and it was so exciting compared to people who had electric fires. However, ducted gas heating in my current house is awesome in its own ways too!

  10. stefinity says:

    My husband kept saying “tell Suzanne to remove the grate!” LOL… I think you’ll find it works much better because you need your wood ON those hot coles to keep it going! You’ll be a pro in no time!

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