In Ongoing Craziness


In continuing disasters in my week of computer problems and power outages, today we have flooding! Locusts are next…..

(See the water up over that little bridge over my creek? Not that you can tell there is even a creek there.)


  1. whaledancer says:

    Sending hugs. It sounds like you could use lots of hugs right about now. Or a rowboat.

  2. wildcat says:

    If the creek turns into blood, I would high-tail it outta there!

  3. Merino Mama says:

    The Roane County 911 Center has been evacuated due to high water as well. Still waiting on it to hit Nicholas County. :bugeyed:

  4. yvonnem says:

    Governor Tomblin has declared a State of Emergency in Roane County.

  5. bonita says:

    sending high and dry thoughts your way. . . bad flooding, winds here last night. Hope you won’t need the submariner’s specialized services!

  6. jeri starcher says:

    The flooding in Spencer and Roane County is terrible. My face book timeline is covered with pictures of Spencer. Praying that all of my friends there stay safe and that their homes are spared.

  7. JustJane says:

    Smile sweetie, you could be at StringTown. Now THAT would be a mess!! You have had it worse and gotten through it just fine. You will get through this just fine. Take a deep breath do what you can while you can and wait till you can do the rest. Don’t go getting all city hyper on us now – remember all those country/farmer woman tidbits Adam and those neighbors have been throwing your way. Now just settle in and ride the storm out Farmer Suzanne.

  8. Brad says:

    Is someone on the tractor? If not, you might want to move it 😀

  9. Jen says:

    Yuck – did your tractor get flooded too?! Not good, :o(

  10. yvonnem says:

    Were you able to get everything for your workshop? I hope the attendees can still get to your farm.

  11. Pat says:

    After raising 4 children, I need to make you aware that the locusts are really hollow-legged teenagers who want to be fed… non-stop!!! Just want you to be prepared to cook next. Any fish in that swollen creek?
    Pat in Eastern NC

  12. denisestone says:


    We are here at Elkview country inn. Is the workshop still on?

    room 208

  13. whaledancer says:

    I’ve been reading the news stories about the flooding in Walton and Spencer. It sounds really bad. If it were a more populated area it would probably be on the national news. Stay safe, Suzanne.

  14. holstein woman says:

    Blessings to you and yours. I don’t see any 4 leggers in the photo so I assume they are safe???

  15. Glenda says:

    Are all your buildings safe on higher ground; they appear to be.
    Hope the water goes down fast!

    It does seem this has been a year of strange and bad weather events. With hot weather maybe we will have a plague of grasshoppers, army worms or Japanese beetles. Lord, I hope not.

    Stay safe.

  16. WvSky says:

    Last word I received from Suzanne was that her power was out. Using generator. As she’s on a phone line for her Internet, it may be out also by now.

  17. Pat says:

    No silliness from me today. Hope things are improving. Also, hope you, the family, and all the critters are okay. (Thanks WvSky for update)
    Pat in Eastern NC

  18. bonita says:

    Yesterday, Roane County’s flooding made the national news here in Illinois. Stay safe, Suzanne. Hope the critters are able to navigate the mud, especially. BP.

  19. Andrea the Kitchen Witch says:

    How’s the cistern under the house doing with all the flooding?? Stay dry!

  20. MousE says:

    Oh no! Stay safe, Suzanne! I hear it is quite the storm…. glad your boys are home to help!

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