It was sunny yesterday, but bad weather’s coming back with a bang starting today. We’re getting rain, not the snow and sleet they’re getting some places, but we’ll probably have a little flooding here and there. I hope nothing too bad. You?

P.S. Several people have asked about a hunting update. I haven’t even been out this week–I had too many things to catch up on after last week. But I intend to try, try again next week!


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  1. mtnmedx says:

    We are expecting our THIRD snow storm since October by the week end! Plus the temperatures are supposed to drop into the double negative numbers! We often have weather like this in January or the first part of February but not the first of December! Very harsh and unusual…..Wonder what deep winter will bring….yikes

  2. Joell says:

    We are ready–hopefully, we have been to the store for milk and eggs and some extra gas for the snow blower.Power outages are expected. I am doing some baking and bean soup is in the crock pot. Suzanne—got foil? 😉

  3. JudyT says:

    What snow we had is all gone and the past couple of days were foggy and rainy. Today is a beautiful day it’s cold but the fog and rain are gone and the sun is shinning.

  4. jodiezoeller says:

    In Dallas we’re having the cold weather today (30s). Starting tonight into the next couple of days we are expecting sleet and ice. No snow though. Ice is worse. Not looking forward to the drive to work tomorrow. Today was dry and cold.

  5. City Kid says:

    Yesterday’s high was above freezing, today’s won’t hit 15, with windchills below zero. The wet snow that fell yesterday is rock hard, but sooooo sparkly in the sun! And we’re still waiting for the plow guy to come… I hope he gets here soon–we’re low on toilet paper! 😆

  6. Southern Belle says:

    Where I am, in north-central Georgia, it has been between 60’s and low 70’s with rain and fog all week. In December! It’s crazy. The week before that we had some ice and snow close to us. Go figure. The ice terrifies me because almost nobody in Georgia really knows how to drive in those conditions. Good luck and God bless to everyone for the winter weather to come!! Especially CITR and you, Suzanne!! :happyflower:

  7. whaledancer says:

    Lovely picture of your farm, Suzanne. It looks like the kind of place you used to dream of owning, as you went on drives through the countryside.

  8. desertrat says:

    got down to 27 lastnight in my part of sunny southern california :sun: . just glad the swamp cooler water lines didn’t bust, finally time to winterize it.

  9. odell says:

    central Indiana here, in the direct path of sleet then 5 to 7inches snow. Weather says won’t be over til Sat. midnight :no: it has been sleeting for couple hours now. First of the week nights in low single digits, highs mid teens. We are ready :shimmy:

  10. GrammieEarth says:

    Hmmm. Nova Scotia, Canada is 37F right now…with 48 and a bit of drizzle expected tomorrow! This weather business is messed up!!! I’ll tell you what we have going on come Feb., but for now…I’ll take what we’re getting. Like I have a choice!! pffftt! We are on the Atlantic coast, so that helps…but dang we get some damp days that chill to the bone!

    Batten down the hatches, speak sweet words to your internet connection, make cookies and give Maia her long johns! :heart:

  11. shirley T says:

    We had a beautiful day here in south west,Virginia. Temps up in the 60’s , Snow storm coming this weekend, time to cuddle up with a good book (Chickens in the road) I really enjoyed reading your book,even tho’ I knew a lot of the stories, there was still a lot I didn’t know. I’m so happy for you. I’ve been a faithful fan since you moved into the Slanted Little House. Speaking of your book, My Grandaughter works at the Tazewell Co Library and she says they have a copy of ‘Chickens In The Road’ at the Blufield branch library in Bluefield W.VA Is that good or bad? Does that mean less people will be buying your book? There are a lot of poor people out there who just can’t afford to buy books, and they would be missing out on a good read for sure. :chicken:

  12. CassieOz says:

    We had 39 and hail yesterday here. Now I know you folks won’t think that’s cold but I’m in AUSTRALIA and this is the beginning of summer!!! I had to run out and put covers over my tomatoes and peppers in the veg patch! Crazy weather, wherever you are.

  13. City Kid says:

    I’m here in Maplewood, MN, on the northeast side of St. Paul. Currently -1 with a windchill of -10, with a predicted high of 6. Tomorrow is forecast to hit a balmy -1. On the positive side, the sun is out and there are no mosquitoes to bite me! Ya gotta find the good SOMEwhere, doncha?

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