This looks like Buttercup, and even acts moody enough sometimes to be Buttercup, but it’s not.
It’s Diggy, which is the nickname for Diego. He’s one of the barn cats. There are two cats who hang in the barn, mostly in the loft, but they get around. Trust me, there are no mice in my barn.
They’re fed in the hay loft from a table, where I keep their cat food away from the occasional chicken who gets up to the loft. The way the table is positioned right above the stairs and between rafters, the chickens just can’t manage the flight up there. They have no good launching pad. I keep an open bag of cat food for the barn cats to help themselves.

The barn cats don’t take kindly to invasion of the hay loft. The random “house” cat who makes it up to the loft is summarily dismissed with much hissing, spitting, and chasing. In like manner, the house cats don’t take well to a barn cat in their space. And for the most part, they respect each others’ territories, but this weekend, Diggy made a showing at the house. All the house cats were seriously distressed and became even more distressed when Diggy quickly ascertained the premium position was on the cellar window ledge.
The cellar window is how the cats get into the cellar, where I keep a big open bag of cat food for the house cats. Chickens and dogs can’t get to it, but the cats can help themselves, via the window. (The occasional chicken attempts to fly up into this window, which is always amusing.)

Whoever is sitting on the window ledge is controlling the access point to the food, so it’s a bossy spot.

Now everyone was even MORE upset.

And then I realized this was a clue that the barn cats were out of food in the loft and I took care of the problem posthaste.

And all the cats were happy again. The End!


  1. Sarah T says:

    The cats have you well trained, along with the rest of your critters.

  2. Claudia W says:

    Cats have such a fantastic language! All we have to do is clear our minds and watch. They tell us what is going on.

  3. EMarie says:

    He’s telling you “Look here Missy, if you want me to do my job right, you’ve gotta keep me well supplied with vittles.” Cats! They are so full of attitude (catitude, I call it.) We have somehow ended up with 7. We had 3! Two live inside; Two have chosen to remain outdoors at all times and then there are the ones dumped by some helpful individual. We can’t let them go hungry, and they know it. :hungry:

  4. EMarie says:

    I shouldhave said we had 3 and added a kitten. Yikes!

  5. Joell says:

    I have not had a cat since I was a little girl, we had a cat and my Mother said it needed a bath, so when she was doing her launtry, I threw it in the washer, one of those old fashioned ones—Mom found the cat–it ran away from home.

  6. Diane says:

    Got to love the catitude! My cat does not like it if the bottom of the bowl is showing. lol. And he eats out of a small dog bowl. No small cat bowls for this one. And he drinks out of a big dog bowl too. Never likes those smaller bowls. Yep he is big and is boss’s around the dog. We love him. 🙂

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