Isle of Palms


I used to be scared to death of the old Cooper River bridge connecting Charleston to Mount Pleasant. Back when I lived in South Carolina, it kept me from going to the beach at the Isle of Palms very often. I was telling Ross about that when we went to the Isle of Palms this week over the new bridge that was built in 2005. I came back to the hotel and looked up the old bridge online, wondering if I was just being a baby back then (which wouldn’t be too surprising, since I can be a baby about driving sometimes), but I found an article online stating that at the time construction started on the new bridge, the old bridge scored a 4 out of 100 for safety and integrity. No wonder that bridge freaked me out!!

New bridge:

New fun:

You know she’s about to hit him on the back of the head with that ball, don’t you?


  1. Lindsay says:

    LOL @Morgan teasing her brother. That’s what little sisters are for; Your kids are too funny!

    That looks like such a great time, and what a beautiful beach. It looks like ya’ll are going to have a lot of beautiful memories after this trip. :fairy:

  2. Rose H says:

    What fabulous memories you will ALL have!
    By the way – I wouldn’t even cross the new bridge! :bugeyed:

  3. CindyP says:

    Pure FUN! So glad you were able to make this vacation with the kids.

    Ross have any new tats?

  4. Becky says:

    Oh yeah, I remember the old bridge, all curvy and narrow. I like the new one much better, too.
    Love that last shot!!!!

  5. Kelly Ann says:

    and the old bridge had a turn in the middle of it…what’s up with that?

  6. M.J. says:

    Great photos! Obviously, the best way to enjoy the beach is with four beautiful, high-energy young people.

  7. Ramona says:

    There use to be an old rickety bridge that crossed the Pearl River. I hated that thing.

  8. Tina says:

    So happy for you and your family getting to spend such a great vacation together! Ah, the memories you’ll treasure!

  9. mammaleigh says:

    Well of course she was going to hit him in the back of the head, that is what little sisters do when they cant see their brother much!! Well I know that is what I would do if I had a big brother!

  10. leah says:

    hahaha! Hope morgan let him get up the beach a bit before she plowed him on the back of the head cuz brothers will dunk you for no good reason!

  11. Cousin Sheryl says:

    Wish I was there! Looks like everyone is having a great time! Miss y’all – be careful driving home.


  12. Ginger L. says:

    I always had to do my yoga breathing over the Cooper, but the one that really freaks me out is the new Ravenel Bridge! (My kids say its like a take off in an airplane!)

  13. Melanie says:

    You are taking the EXACT same vacation I took last summer. I have loved reading these posts! We stayed on Isle of Palms, and visited Charleston a lot, Ft. Sumter, etc. Took a day trip to Savannah, GA. Brought back a lot of memories. Loved it there and definitely want to go back! Thanks.

  14. Sophanne says:

    I have nightmares about even small SC bridges. There’s something creepy about them. I’m enjoying your trip but must say I can’t wait to hear what Clover’s story will be! Happy travels.

  15. Mother of a ROCKSTAR says:

    This looks like a very devilish Morgan …(wonder how Ross will get her back). Glad you all are having fun and a safe vacation. With the amount of rain here I feed out like I am washed out by huge waves.

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