Jack, Showing Me His One Ear Up, One Ear Down Trick


He’ll do anything for stage time!


  1. Sue says:

    Just keep posting adorable velvety donkey muzzles and I’ll keep voting for you every day!

    (Do remind us daily though, some of us are forgetful!)

  2. Leah says:

    Now that would make a cute calendar page,with the inscription of course. :wave: I voted today too!

  3. Joycee says:

    Hey Jack, that’s some trick! Have you ever thought of contacting Letterman for a booking?

  4. cmay45 says:

    Jack is my fav!!!

  5. .Nancy in Iowa says:

    He looks so mischievous that way!!! :woof:

  6. Barbee' says:

    Don’t you wonder how they can do that?! Very talented, I’d say. I can wiggle my ears, but not! one at a time.

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