Jack the Roost


The chickens like to use the nice, big donkey backs as roosts. I posted about a hen on Poky’s back a while ago with a cute little video. If you missed it, here it is again.

What I thought was really cute this time was when the hen got down off of Jack’s back–

–she used Mr. Pibb as a ladder.


  1. Liesl says:

    I love the way Pokey is reversing slowly telling the hen to get off!

  2. bonita says:

    Gives whole new meaning to “How do you get down off a donkey’s back?” doesn’t it!

  3. Lisa says:

    LOL That’s cute ! :chicken:

  4. texwisgirl says:

    Chickens just act dumb, I think. They’re really quite smart, obviously! 🙂

  5. Barbee says:

    I bet it feels nice and warm to their feet. The donkeys are so cute!

  6. BuckeyeGirl says:

    I’ve seen cats on the backs of horses on cold winter days too. And chickens on the back of my goat, and I had a hen years ago that laid her egg on my horses pile of hay in the morning and he always left a little bit of hay there under that egg without disturbing it. What I’m totally in awe about is that you GOT it on your CAMERA, not once but TWICE!!!! HOW do you DO that Suzanne :bugeyed: ?!?!?!?

  7. Ramona says:

    I told my husband I wanted a mini donk…..

    So cute.

  8. EBet says:

    That is so cute it made me laugh!

  9. Lauren L says:

    I love it, totally adorable. I wish we had more space here on our property and the zoning laws to allow for more than just chickens and ducks! It looks like your chicken has some feathers missing on her wing. Our barred rock has a bald patch on the same spot and it doesn’t seem to be filling in. Is she just getting picked on by other chickens? Will the feathers ever grow back?

  10. Hamp Girl says:

    We have free range chickens at my house. What’s even better than them roosting on the larger animals? Jumping from back to back of the larger animals (at my house, the chickens like to roost of the sheep).

  11. Patsy Melton says:

    Suzanne, what do the donkeys provide for the sheep and goats? I was reading an earlier post and you said you got Jack and Pokey for the sheep….I know nothing about farm life. Are they protectors for sheep/goats? One of my neighbors just put a bunch of goats on his place and he has donkeys as well…..just wondering.

  12. BuckeyeGirl says:

    AND they kick like crazy if coyotes get to chasing them. I’ve hear of them actually chasing coyotes back too but I’m not sure about that one, I wouldn’t put it past them though.

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