January 2012 Free Desktop Wallpaper


I skipped doing a December desktop wallpaper of the month because I was overcome by unpacking, moving hay, and getting settled in here. But I’m back! And I take requests. A photo of the barn was requested, so here it is! Get your free desktop wallpaper here.


  1. brookdale says:

    Thank you! I love this picture.
    Is that BP’s “working end” sticking out from behind the back of the barn? :wave:

  2. BuckeyeGirl says:

    If you mean it about the requests, IMG_6401.jpg Sassafras Farm from a distance with the crooked tree in the foreground is about my very favorite… or else IMG_6030.jpg which is also Sassafras Farm from a distance, sans the tree… I think if it’s easy to get to that spot to take pictures there, maybe you could take a picture from that spot once a week or so, so we can see that same view in every season and mood.

    I almost forgot to say how much I really like IMG_6723.jpg which is the hens hanging around the small door of the barn, looking for bugs and seeds in the loose hay.

    Well, since I’m going crazy here, there’s IMG_6690.jpg which is I THINK Jack looking out the door of the barn too. I also think he’s saying something smart alecky to you like “Hurry UP woman! I want some grain!” but I’m not sure Jack ever gets that smart alecky.

    Oh yeah, the farmer in me loves the sight of the hay stacked up all snug in your barn, ready for winter in IMG_6580.jpg and of course, Morgan on her new porch, with that big happy smile on her face is always a wonder to see.

    The view through the trees in IMG_6422.jpg down through the meadow to Sassafras Farm is framed so nicely too. And the fenceline down the road in IMG_6427.jpg is beautiful to see. Is that your field too? I keep forgetting to ask that!

    I know you said you take requests but I know that this is much too long a list to be actual requests, but I can’t resist saying how much I love them. Oh yeah, I also …. Never mind, enough is enough I suppose!

  3. brookdale says:

    I love the one of the sheep in the snowstorm!

  4. brookdale says:

    The sheep in the snow is #7893.

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