Clover: “But what about ME?”


  1. cin13 says:

    :sheep: Clover;
    What are you worried about………you are BEAUTIFUL :heart:

  2. leneskate says:

    Poor Clover she needs more attention! Love your photos.
    You are getting better and better at it, thanks for sharing all you do!

  3. KellyWalkerStudios says:

    That one shot of the baby, face one, looks so much like the little Annabelle photo that I painted for you a couple of years ago. She is adorable. We are all in love….

  4. Granny Trace says:

    I heart Clover too..She needs some cookies.
    Granny Trace

  5. Auntie Linda says:

    Oh Clover, we still love you! Would a cookie you feel better? 😉

  6. Auntie Linda says:

    Make that: Oh Clover, we still love you! Would a cookie *help* you feel better? 😉

  7. wildcat says:

    Clover will always be Queen of the Barnyard. She just needs her tiara and a cookie. :yes:

  8. TinaBell says:

    I have missed Clover pictures and stories! Give the darling diva a cookie for me and feel free to do a feature story on her Real Soon!

  9. Chicken Crossing says:

    What a precious little baby lamb. Now I want one of those too! I’m with Clover! I’m jealous too! :hissyfit: I’m going to find some cookies.

  10. JeannieB says:

    Clover needs to get over it, she will always be queen of the farm!

  11. holstein woman says:

    Clover. clover your babies are sweet also and you will be ‘BARNYARD QUEEN’ always :heart: Clover, what are your favorite cookies?

  12. whaledancer says:

    Never mind, Clover, we still love you, even if THAT WOMAN gets distracted by periodic infatuations with cows or calves or lambs.

  13. Flowerpower says:

    Is that little lamb not the sweetest thing? Aww give Clover a cookie she will forget about it. :happyflower:

  14. VaGirl2 says:

    That picture of the baby makes this childhood song run around in my head…mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy…except it comes out mairzy doats and doezy doats and liddle lamzy divy…LOL…

  15. lavenderblue says:

    I thought it was going to be Glory Bee jealous of all the mommy and baby bonding time. Clover we all still love you.

    That second picture is just too adorable :sheep: , speaking of mommy and baby bonding time.

  16. alba says:

    Awe Clover you know your the Queen of the Farm .
    Your my goto gall You can always make me Smile…
    As for the Babies they are cute.
    I <3 you more.

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