Just Another Day with Goats


Why me? WHY?!


  1. roosterrun says:

    That goat is going to pop! Surely she has a baby or babies in there. She is just too chunky.

  2. GrammieEarth says:



    :sheepjump: :sheep: :moo: :hungry: :heart: ……..

  3. Turtle Mom says:

    Clover says “I want cookies NOW!!! If the cookies won’t come to us, then I’m taking my gang and we’re going to the cookies! Where are my cookies?!”

  4. bonita says:

    Well at least you know you have a substantial break in the fence. One of your goaties surely can’t slither through a small opening!

  5. whaledancer says:

    One morning you’re going to wake up to find them in your living room… Or more likely, the kitchen.

  6. chickenherd says:

    Haha! I have the same problem with my chickens…and find myself wondering, why do the slim, tricky, fast leghorns get out, and leave the waddling little friendly wyandottes that I so love to pet in the fenced yard? Arg! 😆

  7. holstein woman says:

    She reminds me of me at 10 1/2 months preg. I still hurt just thinking about it. Poor girl, she has my sympathy. :hole:

  8. Flowerpower says:

    I suppose being rotund just have advantages for you. As Bonita said..
    you surely can’t slither thru a small fence opening if you are built like a bowling ball! Then, of course, you could just lean against it and bulldoze your way out! I guess we will all be surprised to see if rotunda there pops out anything other than a cookie! :snoopy:

  9. Granny Trace says:

    Oh sweetie..I feel her pain..My son weighed 10lbs 13 1/2oz. at birth..Love your goats friend!
    Granny Trace


  10. lavenderblue says:

    Why? Because they love you :hug:. And cookies! :sheep:

  11. NancyL says:

    Oh, my word! After seeing the pathetic closeup view of 700 lb Nutmeg in your newsletter, I’m guessing she’s the culprit who plowed through the fence. All she’d have to do is lean on it and the others would follow through! Poor, poor girl! Maybe you should have a contest to guess just how many babies she has in there!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

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