Kate’s Babies


52’s daughter, Kate, who got married in May of last year in a lovely, simple backyard ceremony, gave birth to twins on June 16. They were due July 30, so they were six weeks early. They were in the NICU for a bit, but they are home and doing well. They’re each still under five pounds, but they’re perfectly healthy.

She had a girl, Julia.

And a boy, John (Johnny).

One of our forum friends here, quietstorm, sent a gift for Kate. (Wasn’t that NICE?!) I brought it to Kate yesterday.

Absolutely adorable little booties. Hard to imagine, but the babies’ feet are actually too tiny for them yet, but they’ll grow into them soon.

Thank you, quietstorm!!!


  1. whaledancer says:

    Oh, my, what absolutely perfect, beautiful, tiny babies! Precious.

  2. Glenda says:

    What precious babies! I hope Kate has some help or that they are very good babies. I can’t imagine taking care of twins.

  3. CindyP says:

    Yes, just precious.

    Cute booties, too, quietstorm!!

  4. bubbashome says:

    Same day as my daughter! Congratulations to the new family!

  5. TinaBell says:

    Those babies are just BEAUTIFUL!! Congratulations to Kate and her husband, and 52 the new grandpa! And you’re a grandma my proxy, I think! Kate looks fabulous for just having twins, my gosh (!!!), and those booties are super cute. How nice of quietstorm to make them.

  6. MonkeyPhil says:

    Congrat to all. The babies are so precious. My daughter is a NICU nurse and they are wonderful people. They take good care of early babies, and these two look wonderful.

  7. Zusiqu says:

    Oooohhhh… What beautiful babies!

  8. wanda1950 says:

    They are so sweet! There’s nothing like holding a new baby & smelling that sweet baby smell (except with full diaper!!)

  9. JeannieB says:

    What beautiful babies, a gift from God for sure!

  10. Liz Pike says:

    Awww, how sweet!!! Congrats to everyone!! (that was nice of you quietstorm!)

  11. kellyb says:

    They are beautiful. Grandbabies are a joy. Enjoy your time with them. Future cheese makers I’m sure.

  12. yvonnem says:

    quietstorm is a very thoughtful person, and the babies and mom are beautiful! :heart:

  13. lavenderblue says:

    Congratulations to the whole family. Babies, babies everywhere, isn’t it great!

    And beautiful booties for beautiful babies!

  14. GrammieEarth says:

    :heart: I want to nuzzle those little perfections!

    Congratulations to Mama, Papa, 52, Suzanne…and everyone else in their ‘village’

    Nice booties quietstorm… :airkiss:

  15. wvhomecanner says:

    Oh they are beautiful. Aren’t they tiny? My first gbaby started out under 5 lbs. too but those little packages hold dynamite LOL. Kate does look fantastic. And I agree that NICU staff are wonderful people, at least all those we met at WVU.
    Congrats again!


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