Kitten the Bird-Watcher


Does he not see the HUGE BIRD RIGHT BEHIND HIM? (His intense staring had actually run off the birds at the feeders.)


  1. Ruth C says:

    Oh, that hadn’t occurred to me until now–do any of the cats ever start to regard the chickens as food, or would the chickens fight back?

    Last week we were at a bed and breakfast where they had a Canada goose that decided to stay there (for years) and a guest’s pit bull attacked it. They might have been saying it to reassure the upset guest, but the hosts assured her that the goose had thick feathers, wasn’t hurt, and was actually getting the better of the dog!

  2. Shelly says:

    How cute is that? I am glad the kittys are outside, they love it I am sure. Do your chickens let you hold them if you wanted to?

  3. .Nancy in Iowa says:

    Nahh, she thinks that big bird is one of her siblings.

  4. Miss Becky says:

    what an adorable photo. this gave me a real belly laugh; kitten is watching his TV

  5. pam says:

    I think she prefers her birds a little smaller!

  6. Jennifer says:

    I’m SO glad to see Kitten outside & exploring the big bad world! I miss the litter of kittens we had two summers ago.

    But my guess is he’s calculating just how much force it would take to do a standing jump from the log to the feeder.

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