Kitten and Little


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  1. cindy says:

    Oh, how sweet!!!

  2. B. Ruth says:

    Looks like what we have here is a spoiled rotten #9 kitty…
    Isn’t he six weeks old or there about….soon to be off the bottle..err nurser…does the other cat nurse…
    Have you noticed if he kneads on things more than your other cats…some cats will and some won’t…just wondering…
    I had one that would knead on a blanket and then suckle it…as if it were nursing..even after a full belly and then fall asleep…this continued to adult-cat-hood….
    I think he left his Momma too soon…..

    • Suzanne says:

      We’ve had Number Nine for almost three months, so I know he’s at least that old. He was just a few weeks old when we got him, I think, so I’d guess he’s around three and a half months old. George is about two months old or so. We aren’t positive when either one of them was born.

  3. Michele says:

    Kittens are so sweet when sucking like that. I cant wait for your salsa recipe, I am looking forward to it tomorrow in your newsletter. Is there a way to can without having to sterile the jars? I don’t have all the equipment, maybe I will just put it in tupperware and eat it fast.

    • B. Ruth says:

      I am going to try some freezer salsa recipes that I found on the Internet….
      I have a glass top range now and I am afraid to can anything since it doesn’t recommend it….could probably water-bath though…
      If anyone has a good tried ant true freezer salsa recipe, post it and it will save me a lot of experimenting…quick…getting tired of chili..spaghetti sauce and soup base for the freezer and tomatoes are beginning to drop on their own…good tomato year for us…

  4. kritter keeper says:

    i should never have read this…friday evening our road was washed out and we were deciding whether or not to build another access to our farm…while walking along the highway i heard several small meows and could not see a cat anywhere! i went back to our side of the road and out popped a little kitten head! a small 11-12 week old kitten meowed for help. i picked her up…she makes 8 cats in our family along with 4 dogs and 2 horses! i cannot give her up as i know she is grateful for her new home and all she wants is to be loved on. oh and btw, the salsa reciped looks great!

  5. Maggie says:

    Sometimes it’s really hard to judge a recued animals age. When I first recued Mrs Bigglesworth I thought she was just a few weeks old becuase she was so tiny. I could hold her in the palm of my hand. She was nothing more that bones covered with fur. Poor baby, she was so sick. When I brought her to the Vet he said that she had three different kinds of internal parasites, ear mites, and her eyes were crusted over with an infection. He also estimated her at about 6 monthes of age (based on her teeth). I was really amazed that she was that old.

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