Kitten’s Great Escape


To celebrate the release of my book, I’m running some “Memory Lane” posts from my years at Stringtown Rising Farm. I’m choosing some of my personal favorite funny animal stories–if you’ve been around a while, you may remember them, and if you’re new, you may have missed them. This story from over four years ago was one in a series of stories I wrote about two sweet cats I had at Stringtown Rising named Kitten and Little.

The wide open world is calling. Kitten wants to be a big cat! Like all the rest! He wants to go outside and chase mice and run after birds and have big brave cat adventures.

But he and Little are confined indoors. He’s been watching Spice. He knows she can open doors. He stalks her around the house until she decides to let herself out and he goes with her.

I stalk Kitten and bring him back.

“I am not a baby anymore!” Kitten said. And he decided to start letting himself out. Up, up, up.
There’s more than one way to skin a…… Never mind. If a door closes, find a window.
It’s really high up there. Kitten was almost scared.
But he’s a big brave cat now!
Down, down, down.
I brought him right back inside the farmhouse. “No, no, Kitten, you are not a big cat just yet.” And I raised the window so high, he couldn’t reach it.
“It’s okay, Kitten,” Little said. “We can still be like big cats. They take naps, too!”
The end.


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    Awwwwwwww :snuggle:

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