A Small Kitty Confusion


When the temperature got down around 0 degrees early Sunday morning, the gas froze off here. We didn’t know it until we woke up, COLD. We got the wood stove started, and had the gas back on before daylight, but it had left the upstairs a little cold Sunday morning. My elderly cat Buttercup has been spending most of his time upstairs lately because–heat rises–so it’s usually warmer upstairs than downstairs. But not so on Sunday morning. Buttercup came downstairs and headed for a space heater–which was not even plugged in at the time. When space heaters are on, he loves nothing more than sitting in front of a space heater. So, cold, he sat in front of one of the unplugged space heaters. And sat there. Then he turned his head and stared at the space heater for a long, long moment. So baffling! The space heater was not putting out heat! Finally he ambled over to the wood stove and hasn’t left that spot since. He’ll probably never trust a space heater again!


  1. Joell says:


    Boy, this has been a brutal winter, thank goodness for your wood stove. I remember when you just had “learned to make fire”. Poor little Buttercup, that would be so confusing. Animals are such funny people.
    It is miserable here today cold, freezing rain and 3-4 inches of snow on the way, so they say. Be warm and safe. I hope your gas stays flowing.

  2. quietstorm says:

    That’s pretty much where I spent the day yesterday….curled up in front of the space heater, under the electric blanket….

  3. jodiezoeller says:

    Sweet old Buttercup! It’s been awhile since we’ve seen him. My cats love snuggling into the blankets on my bed. One of the dogs does too. So it’s interesting who elects to spend the night there. Usually my dog wins.

  4. connilu says:

    Good morning from Normal,
    I see that you have 35 degrees and Snow and Sleet today so just had to write and give you my sympathy. I do NOT enjoy winter any more….getting old I guess….but thinking of you slogging through all of this to take care of your animals makes me feel for you. Sure wish your Terrible Winter would ease up. West Virginia has been one of the worst hit. Love your blog….hang in there sweetie. Spring WILL get here :heart:

  5. ClaudiaL says:

    I have baby goats! One was born 2/16 and one was born 2/17! The first one is a Nigerian Dwarf/Nubian Mix and the second one is full Nigerian Dwarf!!! So cute!!! They sure picked up my spirits!

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