Last Minute Burritos


I’m loving this homemade flour tortillas thing! I can just up and decide I want to make bean and cheese burritos for dinner (with homemade refried beans, too, YUM) and I don’t have to have pre-planned and bought tortillas. LOVE that!


  1. Christine says:

    Well that’s funny. I just bought some tortilla flour last week myself!

  2. K Porter says:

    Love your tortilla recipe-they are the best tortillas I’ve ever had! I will only buy tortillas if it’s an emergency!!

  3. Maura says:

    Suzanne…you are an inspiration! Now once I get all moved into the farmhouse from the renovations I’ll have fun trying more of your recipes like these! Your Biscuits and Sausage Gravy were enjoyed for a second time yesterday…my hubby said to thank you again…Thanks!

  4. PetalzAndFinz says:

    I made these the other day. They were yummy! Only one problem-they disappeared too quick. I made the refried beans to go with them too. The beans got initial lukewarm reviews from my daughter who went on to practically polish them off herself!

  5. Mariah says:

    Haven’t tried your recipe (yet!) but other recipes leave the tortillas hard and cracking and don’t roll well after a few hours and the next day they’re too dry to be worth anything, even after they’ve been wrapped tightly. Have you had that problem? If so, what do you do? Maybe home made tortillas are just one of those things that don’t keep and need to be eaten immediately! Not that THAT is a problem…haha! Can’t wait to try yours. I have a feeling they will be nice and soft because every recipe of yours that I have tried so far has been a raging success.

    • Suzanne says:

      These stay soft! I haven’t had any problems with them. As I cook them, I put them on a foil-covered plate and leftovers are stored in the fridge in a ziploc baggie. I just had a burrito for lunch with a tortilla I made last night and it rolled up soft just like the night before!

      • Suzanne says:

        Oh–and P.S. be sure you don’t overcook them! Tortillas don’t really even need to be browned. If you overcook them, they will definitely go hard on you. (Have no idea if that’s what happened with the other recipes you tried or not–might have been another reason those went hard–that’s just the only reason I can think of why the tortillas could go hard with *this* recipe because I’ve had success with them staying soft. So try this one!)

  6. LisaAJB says:

    I’ve made these twice in the past two weeks. We love them. My hubs has even helped. I did accidentally over cook one or two of them, but as long as I didn’t burn both sides they were fine. We’ve got extras in the fridge that have lasted days. Love this recipe.

  7. Memoria says:

    LOL! Too funny. I just made more flour tortillas today, too. In fact, I may eat a few more tonight. YUM! Great minds think alike.

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